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Where to check when your protein skimmer overflows

When your protein skimmer won’t settle down, check the little piece that everyone overlooks

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Terrible Advice Tuesdays: It Skims, Stinks, and Can Hurt You?

Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Cleaning your skimmer’s cup by hand is not safe. Chemicals in the skimmate can be absorbed by your skin which can make you sick. Use an spray nozzle instead of your hands.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of MACNA 2013 Part 2

Part 2 of my MACNA 2013 coverage continues with interviews from Neptune Systems, My Reef Creations, Hydor, CAD lights, Ecoxotic, and Current USA. Oh, make sure you catch the outtakes.

Note: For the best viewing experience, watch the show in …

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Check This Piece When Cleaning Your Protein Skimmer, Or If You Have Overflow Issues

Protein skimmers usually overflow when either the water level around them rises, or if you dose chemicals like slime coat enhancers. If you are experiencing overflow issues, or you have to frequently close down the output valve on your skimmer, …

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DC Powered Protein Skimmers: The Next Big Thing, Or The Next Big Fad?

One fun aspect of the saltwater aquarium hobby is that it is constantly evolving. Back when I started my first saltwater tank in the late 1980’s, live rock was virtually unheard of and protein skimmers were all air stone driven …

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Terrible Advice Tuesdays: It’s Stinks, But Should You Fear It?

Something I’ve done every Tuesday on my Facebook page is to post bad advice I’ve heard.  I call it “Terrible Advice Tuesdays”.  The whole reason I started Mr. Saltwater Tank was to take the confusion out of setting up and …

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7 Months With The Hydor Performer 2005 Recirculating Skimmer

Protein skimmers have a lot of value on a saltwater tank. They remove dissolved organic material (waste), they oxygenate your tank’s water and they help give you insight to what’s going on in your tank.

For my 235g tank build, …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Covers MACNA 2012 Part 2

A saltwater aquarium trade show as big and famous of MACNA could only be covered in 2 separate Mr. Saltwater Tank episodes. Here’s part 2 of my coverage of MACNA featuring some of the biggest names in the saltwater tank …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Reviews the Hydor Slim Skim

Protein skimmers have a mixed track record with me. I’ve owned horrible ones and I’ve owned great ones.
So when I saw Hydor (a pump company) introduce their line of slim skim protein skimmers, I decided I’d see how good …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #21: Your Job Application Says You Like to Work 24/7

Once you turn me on, please don’t turn me off.

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