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MACNA 2016 Coverage, Part 2

MACNA is too big of a show to put in one Mr. Saltwater Tank TV episode and here’s part 2 of my coverage

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of MACNA 2013 Part 2

Part 2 of my MACNA 2013 coverage continues with interviews from Neptune Systems, My Reef Creations, Hydor, CAD lights, Ecoxotic, and Current USA. Oh, make sure you catch the outtakes.

Note: For the best viewing experience, watch the show in …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the AquaIlluminations Wireless Controller

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are and continue to be very popular with saltwater tank hobbyists. Between the power savings, range of available colors and seemingly infinite controllability, LEDs are here to stay. AquaIlluminations released their wireless controller in an effort …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of MACNA 2011 Part 2

A show this big can’t be contained in one Mr. Saltwater Tank TV episode!

Part 2 of my coverage of MACNA 2011

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A Suicide, Wildfires, And An Infection

Summer of 2011 has brought significant changes to my tanks including the Fat Jack LED experiment.

Here’s the latest on all my children…I mean tanks…

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The Great Mr. Saltwater Tank LED Experiment

Rumors, hype and lies – all part of the conversations about LEDs that are going on in the saltwater tank world right now.

I’m all about cutting through the “foo” as I call it and getting to the facts so …

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