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Elegance Corals Tips and Insider Info with Cairns Marine

Elegance corals are a coral that frustrate many hobbyists. While pretty, they often waste away and die for no apparent reason. To get to the bottom of why as well as tips for keeping elegance corals healthy, I consulted a …

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Acropora Eating Flatworm (AEFW) Project Update

I hate those nasty, coral eating worms as much as any reef junkie and thanks to support from hobbyist, scientific facts are coming out about AEFW. Here’s the latest information from the AEFW researchers.

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13 Months with the Australian Harlequin Tusk

Looks can definitely be deceiving and the Australian Harlequin Tusk deceived me in more ways than one.

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2018 Mr. Saltwater Tank VIP Trip Recap Part Three

We left the Great Barrier Reef behind to head into Australia’s tablelands in search of more memories.

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2018 Mr. Saltwater Tank VIP Trip Recap Part Two

The Great Barrier Reef was waiting for us and we were ready. Here’s what we saw.

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2018 Mr. Saltwater Tank VIP Trip Recap

In the fall of 2018, I hosted the Mr. Saltwater Tank VIP Trip to Australia. Of course I took my camera along and here’s what I saw.

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2019 Mr. Saltwater Tank VIP Trip

2019 Mr. Saltwater Tank VIP Trip from Mr. Saltwater Tank on Vimeo.

Full trip details…

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Dialing In Internal Flow In A Reef Tank Using Vortecs

Internal flow in a reef tank is a mostly art with some science. The goal is to acheive the “just right” amount of flow in different areas in your tank at the same time. Here’s how World Wide Corals handles

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Why I Voyeur My Fish

I love standing in front of my tank and sometimes stepping away, yet still watching what’s happening when you’re away, has a lot of utility.

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Middle East Local Fish Store

When you’re a reef junkie, and you’re in Dubai, you visit local fish stores! Here’s what the premiere local fish stores in Dubai looks like

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