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Vinegar is So Last Year: Hydor’s Magi Klean

Sometimes it takes a stroke of bad luck to turn you on to something good.

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Hydor’s SmartWave Powerhead Controller Reviewed

Creating random currents in you saltwater tank help keep your tank clean and add neat effects like simulating a tide going in and out.

Lucky for you, Hydor’s SmartWave powerhead controller makes these random currents for you, and you don’t …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Covers SeaMax 2011

Leaving southern Texas in the heat of summer is a given. Then combine the escape trip with a stop at the first ever Seattle Marine Aquarium Expo and you have a reef keeper’s weekend get away.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Reviews the Hydor Slim Skim

Protein skimmers have a mixed track record with me. I’ve owned horrible ones and I’ve owned great ones.
So when I saw Hydor (a pump company) introduce their line of slim skim protein skimmers, I decided I’d see how good …

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