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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Covers MACNA 2012 Part 2

A saltwater aquarium trade show as big and famous of MACNA could only be covered in 2 separate Mr. Saltwater Tank episodes. Here’s part 2 of my coverage of MACNA featuring some of the biggest names in the saltwater tank industry like EcoTech Marine, Tunze and an interview with Francis the Fish Geek.

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  • tommy2c says:

    Awesome trade show. Nothing like this in Australia.

  • Mike Mueller says:

    Thank you for that second helping of MACNA. That was really cool!! Have a Great Thanksgiving Day!

  • veeral says:

    Kool……. i loved the coral reef restoration part….. im from india and the reefs here are declyning too….. i hope these guys come here too…. to help.. most of the corals sold in my country are wild…. its really sad… many guys do get corals from singapore aquaclutured farms, but they are highly priced……

  • Mark H. says:

    Mark, thanks for the MACNA update.
    Can’t wait until MACNA comes to the North East.

  • I love these expo videos. I really dig those under water LEDs. Did they mention what the longest fixture size is?

  • Earl H. says:

    Great video, gives me a lot of ideas for my tank. Mark, where do you get all of your tee shirts?

  • Jim C. says:

    Great video’s, still going through a few of your others. Learned quite a bit so far, so keep them coming.

    Will be forward to see you at MACNA next year.

  • samuel says:

    cool thanks for part 2 mark and hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving…

  • Frank Rauche says:

    Thanks Mark for the video. Part 2 helped me alot with ideas for covering my 180g tank top. Lots of new developments in reef world like that plasma light. Keep up the good work!! Cheers.

  • Mad Hatter's Reef says:

    Great video Mark. Hope you had a great thanksgiving with the family. Best wishes to you and yours.

  • Thank you Mark for posting the video about our product. We love to answer questions and are excited that since the MACNA show, the next generation of the plasma technology has just been released. 1000 more lumens of output and a longer rated life of 50,000 hours. Just in time for the holidays!
    Our company greatly appreciates the thorough work you do and we are glad to be a part of it.
    Best regards,

    Dayne Haight, Dir of Business Dev.

  • Randy says:

    Mark, you interviewed the makers of New Era fish food. Just wondering if you have used it or have an opinion on this food? Thanks

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