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EcoTech Marine Vectra Long Term Test and AC vs. DC Efficiency Test

I’ve been running an EcoTech Marine Vectra L1 return pump on my 450 gallon tank for nine months now. Here’s how things have been going. I also conducted a test of an AC pump vs. the DC driven Vectra so …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Reviews The EcoTech Marine Vectra Pump

I have been very, very skeptical of DC return pumps for a long time as my colleagues have countless stories of failed units, hot control boxes and lack of customer support.  When EcoTech told me they were coming out with …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Time To Update

Several years ago I compiled a list of test kits that I use on my tanks as well as my client’s tanks. Over the years, new test kits became available and not surprisingly, some of them were nothing short of …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of EcoTech Marine’s Radion Generation 2 and Radion Pro LED Fixtures

Say the words “lighting” and “saltwater tank” and LEDs will be one of the first things to comes to my mind.


Because LEDs will undoubtably grow coral and they have unsurpassed controllability. I’ve used EcoTech Marine’s Radion fixture with …

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Keep That Saltwater Fish Safe: Containing What’s Inside Your Saltwater Tank

As much time and effort saltwater tank hobbyists put into their tank, they often overlook a vital detail of their tank build: fish containment.  In this video I discuss 3 containment methods including a tip for those of you with …

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7 Months With The Hydor Performer 2005 Recirculating Skimmer

Protein skimmers have a lot of value on a saltwater tank. They remove dissolved organic material (waste), they oxygenate your tank’s water and they help give you insight to what’s going on in your tank.

For my 235g tank build, …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the AquaIlluminations Wireless Controller

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are and continue to be very popular with saltwater tank hobbyists. Between the power savings, range of available colors and seemingly infinite controllability, LEDs are here to stay. AquaIlluminations released their wireless controller in an effort …

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Plastic and Fantastic…In a Heater?

Heaters are a necessary for nearly all saltwater tank hobbyists. Without them, your tank will likely be too cold for the fish and coral in it.  Believing glass heaters are trouble in the making, I stumbled across a new heater …

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Love RODI But Hate The Waste? Here’s The Solution With Side Benefits

One of the largest complaints people have about reverse osmosis deionization units is the amount of waste water they produce. Usually the waste water can be stored and recycled for other uses such as watering plants or lawns. However, not

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There’s Table of Contents, And Then There is What These People Had to Say

I could talk about my guides but I’d rather share with you feedback from people who have used, and benefitted from one of my several guides. Don’t miss the tips that you can use on your tank as well.

Links …

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