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MACNA 2016 Coverage, Part 2

MACNA is too big of a show to put in one Mr. Saltwater Tank TV episode and here’s part 2 of my coverage

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday AM Quick Tip #145: How To Skip Acclimating Your Corals To Your New Bulbs

Got T5 bulbs and want to skip acclimating your corals to the new bulbs? This tip might work for you.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #60: Best Done Together

When one goes, they all should go.

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Taking Your Saltwater Tank to the Next Level

When it is time to make the switch to a FOWLR or reef tank, make sure you get the whole picture.

Complete with holiday BONUS!

Links in this video:

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How to Pimp Out a Saltwater Tank

Some people pimp out their cars, this guy chose to pimp out his saltwater tank in true reef junkie fashion. Dave Burr of Vivid Aquariums, the builder and designer of this system, guided my tour. That means I got to …

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