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MACNA 2016 Coverage, Part 2

MACNA is too big of a show to put in one Mr. Saltwater Tank TV episode and here’s part 2 of my coverage

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  • 427HISS says:

    Hello Mark, there’s a lor of hobby and speaker experts in the field today, but I always come back to you for your advise, reviews and watching your own tanks and progress ! I’ve listened to you three times now at where one of my friends work’s at (Scott Larson) Ne. Aquatic Supply in Omaha, and I look forward to more !

    I’ve been watching your new system as it comes along with excitment for you and, all of us fans !

    Best Regards Mark,
    Kevin Gilmore

  • Darren Cpaon says:

    Wow the stuff at your finger tips in the States, I wish we had some thing like MACNA here in Australia.

  • Darren…check out MACA – Marine Aquarium Conference of Australia! Happens each year in October!

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