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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of EcoTech Marine’s Radion Generation 2 and Radion Pro LED Fixtures

Say the words “lighting” and “saltwater tank” and LEDs will be one of the first things to comes to my mind.


Because LEDs will undoubtably grow coral and they have unsurpassed controllability. I’ve used EcoTech Marine’s Radion fixture with great results and with the release of the Radion Generation 2 fixture and the Radion Pro, I had to give them both a try…with a couple of twists that you’ll see nowhere else online.

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  • Ryan says:

    There are many variables you did not list. First, how high off the surface of the water were the radion lights? Next, how deep is your tank?

  • Melissa says:

    Randy April 7, 2013 at 7:10 pm
    Sunny, I had 2 Gen 1′s on my 92 corner, had the intensity at 30% and it still seemed to bleach the coral. I recently removed one of the Gen 1′s and the spread still seems pretty good. Coral color is starting to come back.

    Randy what program where you running the 30%? What intensity are you running now and what program? I have a 120 gallon reef 24″ deep 2 gen 1 running right know I have it turned down to 32% at 20K. Hope that is strong enough to grow the coral not to strong to stress or bleach or kill them thank you

  • Mark says:

    After watching the video of the Gen 2 Radion PAR reading I turned the brightness down to 30% and just left the Vibrant Color at default settings. I’m so glad I haven’t lost any corals prior to making this change. Now my corals look so much better opening up more than before. That video probably saved me some serious money. Thanks for the information……

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