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Write-Up Wednesday: Montipora Undata (Montipora undata)

Montipora Undata (Montipora undata) is easily one of my favorite corals. With it’s purple rim, green body and metallic blue-green polyps, this coral is an eye-catcher even when it is just a frag.

Montipora UndataUndata grows quickly so it won’t be frag-sized for long. I have this coral in several client tanks and it lays down 1/2″ (13mm) to 3/4″ (20mm) of growth a month even in medium intensity lighting. It’s growth is usually done in a plate type pattern and it is not unusual for it to also grow vertically through spires that it sends reaching to the light source.

Another reason I love montipora undata is that it is very easy to frag and it recovers quickly from the fragging process. Bone cutters make for easy fragging of the coral and you can also break of pieces with your fingers if you are brave enough.

This coral is also highly adaptable as it grows well in both medium and high light. Medium flow across the coral will keep it happy.

If you are looking to try out SPS coral or you want a great SPS piece that won’t break the bank, Montipora Undata is for you.

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