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Write-Up Wednesday: The True Test Of A Reef Keeper

One of the few things that saltwater tank keepers agree on is that small polyped stony (SPS) are hard to keep coral. Therefore, you can argue that a SPS dominant tank is the hardest type of saltwater tank to maintain. …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Montipora Setosa

Montipora Setosa (Montipora Setosa) easily ranks within my top 5 favorite corals as it is a unique coral with bright colors that never ceases to catch my eye. A tank can be stuffed with all types of coral …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Montipora Undata (Montipora undata)

Montipora Undata (Montipora undata) is easily one of my favorite corals. With it’s purple rim, green body and metallic blue-green polyps, this coral is an eye-catcher even when it is just a frag.

Undata grows quickly so it …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Halloween Leptoseris

Combining a striking orange body and yellow-green eyes, the Halloween Lepto delights anyone who looks upon this SPS coral. Besides the unique color combination, the halloween Lepto also grows in an ridged encrusting pattern that makes it even more of …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 206 Gallon V.I.P. Build

Building a saltwater tank is one of my favorite things todo. I enjoy the client interactions, the planning, the challenges and I REALLY enjoy seeing the finished product. It never hurts when the tank is thriving as well.

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[From the Archive]: Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #86: Take A Risk And Maybe You’ll Win

There are lots of 4th of July sales going on right now, so here’s a way you can increase your savings…if you are willing to take a little bit of a risk.

And, you can use this tip even if …

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