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The GHL Stand Alone Doser Reviewed

Maintaining your saltwater tank’s parameters can be done in a number of ways. And since I’m a fan of dosing pumps, I wanted to have a look at a stand alone doser that is rumored to have a great reputation.…

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the Apex Jr

“Bigger” is what most saltwater tank hobbyists aim for. Bigger corals, bigger fish and bigger tanks.

Then the Apex Jr comes out which is all about being small and compact yet still useful despite the fact that it has no …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Apex Jr Special Offer

My Apex tank controller is the best purchase I’ve made for my tank. And Neptune Systems is about to release the little brother to the Apex, the Apex Jr which is perfect for those of you wanting to get your …

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Disaster Planning For Your Saltwater Tank

We all think and hope that an emergency with our tanks will never happen. The reality is that at some point in your tank career, something unexpected will happen with your tank. Here’s how to be prepared for a tank …

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