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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of MACNA 2016 (Part 1)

MACNA 2016 took place in San Diego, California and I flocked to the left coast to see what the show had in store this year. Here’s part one of what I saw.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 225 Gallon VIP Tank 1 Year Update

In the first year of a saltwater aquarium’s life, usually the owner either quits the hobby or has completely fallen in love with their tank. In the case of one of my VIP clients, he’ll readily admit that he has …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Covers MACNA 2012

Each fall, the Marine Aquariums Conference of North American, aka “MACNA” roll around and each fall, reef junkie, reef enthusiasts and tank dabblers travel far and wide to attend.. Why would they do that? Because of the wide variety of …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the Apex Jr

“Bigger” is what most saltwater tank hobbyists aim for. Bigger corals, bigger fish and bigger tanks.

Then the Apex Jr comes out which is all about being small and compact yet still useful despite the fact that it has no …

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