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Flow Upgrades on My 450g Tank

My tank is maturing nicely and SPS again have my eye. Like any reef junkie, I’m looking for fast coral growth, so I made so upgrades to help my calcium carbonate friends on their quest.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 375 Gallon Reef Tank Build Show

375 gallons makes a large saltwater tank. There’s lots of swimming room for fish, lots of places to put corals and lots of opportunities for the unexpected to happen during the tank build process. Fortunately for me, I got all …

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How to Upgrade Your Saltwater Tank Like a Reef Junkie Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my VIP tank build.  In this episode, I’ll show you the equipment side of the tank include what equipment is not part of the build.  Of course, we will have a look at how the tank …

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