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Flow Upgrades on My 450g Tank

My tank is maturing nicely and SPS again have my eye. Like any reef junkie, I’m looking for fast coral growth, so I made so upgrades to help my calcium carbonate friends on their quest.

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  • Fr. Ronald Antinarelli says:

    I have a 125 gallon aquarium and the mp60 that you describe looks enticing. But your tank is much larger than mine. What size would you suggest I purchase?
    And thank you for all your informative material!

  • Brian Gibson says:

    ecotech has a calculator on their site that will help you figure out what pumps work best for you.

  • Fr. Ronald Antinarelli says:

    Thank you. I’ll look at it.

  • John Michtich says:

    Why did you not up the flow from the return pump from the sump as you have outlet nozzles on that end?

  • jason says:


    Two MP-40 quietdrives will be great on that tank.

  • Kerstin says:

    So I am curious – do you keep all of your MP-60’s on one end, or would you recommend some of them on each end? I ask because while I only have a 4-foot 120 and 2 MP-40’s, I am also playing with my flow and like the idea of placing both of the pumps on the same end of the tank (currently they are on opposite ends of the tank).

    I would love to hear what you think,

    Thanks! Kerstin:-)

  • Alex says:

    A trigger in a reef tank? please help us out with answers, Mark!

  • Fr. Ronald Antinarelli says:

    I have a blue jaw trigger in my reef tank. No problem at all.

  • Alex…there are triggers that are reef safe. The ones that aren’t mostly don’t touch coral, just crabs, snails, shrimps

  • Kerstin….since this is a peninsula tank, I want to keep the far end of the tank open for viewing. For in-wall tanks or tanks backed up to a wall, I recommend pumps on each end of the tank

  • Jason…the mp40’s would work and I wanted to keep the pumps consistent

  • John…the flow coming out of the return line is far, far less than what the mp60’s can provide, even with the return pump turned all the way up.

  • Hasso Hammerle says:

    Hi Mark where can I download the schedule of your pumps?
    Just to have a guide line

  • Hasso…ecosmart live doesn’t give me the option to export pump schedules. How about you bring a dreamliner and come visit and I’ll walk you through my schedule!

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