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Mr. Saltwater Tank Covers Marine Aquarium Expo 2013

I love saltwater aquarium trade shows because you get to see a lot of frags, fish, equipment and catch up with friends all in on place. The Marine Aquarium Expo in Orange County, CA was on my list of trade …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Visits Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX) 2012

Drop in on a saltwater aquarium trade shows and you’ll get a one-stop-shop to meet fellow reefers and to check out new aquarium gear. Always wanting to keep up on the new-new thing, I visited the Marine Aquarium Expo in …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX)

Movie stars, beaches and a really big saltwater tank community. All traits that describe Southern California. But which of these did I get to experience @ MAX? Watch to find out.

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Apex Jr:

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