Mr. Saltwater Tank

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX)

Movie stars, beaches and a really big saltwater tank community. All traits that describe Southern California. But which of these did I get to experience @ MAX? Watch to find out.

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  • Cam Dudley says:

    Did you buy anything? =]

  • James Butler says:

    Reefbrite…I see…hmmmm

  • Byron says:

    …It seems to never end. Always someone trying to sell me something to make my tank better. What they really want me to do is make them rich. DIY can be high quality and often much cheaper. Mark, I know that your not a DIY kind of guy, you have the money and go for it : ) For me, I strive to keep it low cost with high quality. My whole system is DIY. I simply don’t want to spend money I don’t need to spend if my tanks already ok.

  • Jake M says:

    wow… looks like you had a great time. I would have had to rob a bank if I would have gone.. hehe.

  • Marc M says:

    Was that really Johnny Dep??? LMAO!!! Is he a hobbiest too? LOL!!! Also will you ever post any Fish Only system vids or any FOWLR vids. That is where my interest is in. Tired of corals…


  • Dan says:

    Mark, that was an awesome installment! Nicely done shooting and editing and great content. Thank you so much for the information on all of the low-cost equipment that will soon be coming out, especially the Apex Jr! I’ll be getting one of those for sure!

  • zach says:

    will you be setting up the neptune sytems for people again

  • Zach…Most likely. I’m currently offering that for people who want the Apex or Apex Lite. You can learn about it here

  • Dan…make sure you get on the list to be notified when I review the Jr and offer it to everyone.

  • Marc…it wasn’t really him, but he did a great impersonation of him. I was impressed. His costume was VERY specific to the movie. I have some FOWLR footage from a tank I visited out of town. There are very few FOWLR tanks near me.

  • Byron..I admire your DIY abilities and drive. I don’t have the time or desire. I’d rather pay for a product and therefore have the maker on the hook to support me if something goes wrong.

    And..the thing about sales is that you don’t have to say yes! We get sold stuff ALL the time. Whenever your wife/friend/kids ask if you want to go do something, they are selling you something even if it doesn’t involve money!

  • You started it James!

  • In N Out Burger. That’s it.

  • Ray Sands says:

    I loved this video, I purchased the zoo2 and the phyto2. I let them know where I saw it as well, it seems like a cool product. Have you tried it yet Mark or was this your first introduction to phyto2?

  • PBNJ says:

    It’s great that the Hydor Wavemaker unit is waterproof, but I’m guessing that the plugs 3-4 inches away are not…..puzzling design.

  • Dan says:

    Thanks Mark, I’m on the list. Do you know if the Apex Jr’s outlets are expandable beyond 4? If not, that could be a deal-breaker for me. Thanks again!

  • Cindy says:

    Nice meeting you at MAX this weekend. Great coverage of the Expo, very informative. I was so busy working (as a mermaid) that your video actually taught me a few things that I didn’t know, and didn’t have any down-time to learn. Best wishes. Keep up the great work! (And I love the opening shot of the cliffs at HB!)

  • Just Jen says:

    Love your videos & t-shirts, Mark! Keep up the great work. Next time you’re down this way, let’s get Ike to take out out on the town for sushi & In-N-Out (not at the same time of course).

  • zach says:

    do you dose calcium and alkalinity additionally to dosing it in your ato

  • zach…nope. Just kalk. Ca and ALK get dosed by dosing pumps

  • Jen….yes…sushi! I actually spent Y2K in San Diego eating “all you can eat” sushi for $50. I think I ate $150 worth. I felt ill but it tasted good.

  • Cindy…thanks for being so friendly at the gate of MAX! Who wouldn’t want to come to a trade show when you are being welcomed by a mermaid?!

    I’m glad my show is helping as that’s why I started it!

  • Dan…the Jr is expandable beyond the standard 4 outlets. Expandability is the name of the game with the JR!

  • PB…By waterproof, I think they mean “splash proof”. I wouldn’t submerge the unit and expect it to survive. However, if it got splashed with water from you work in your tank, or dripped on, it would survive.

    I think you’d have to get a lot of water on those plugs to cause an issue.

  • Ray..haven’t tried it yet but I’m anxious to try out the pods!

  • Cam Turner says:

    Any more info on the Apex Jr?

    I see in other posts online (where you seem to be commenting) that it can handle 5 aqua-bus accessories. I’m still learning what that means. Does that mean each probe uses a “spot” in the 5? Or is there a box that handles all of the probes and only uses one spot?

    I’d want to add in a display (for walk-past-the-tank diagnostics), a suite of probes and 2-3 8-outlet power bars. Would I need the full-on apex for that?

    Also, can the Jr slow-start a power outlet to save wear-and-tear on cheaper (Koralia) circulation pumps?

    I need to decide if I’m waiting for the Jr or starting my new reef with a full Apex NOW :).


  • zach says:

    what brand of the bio pellet reactors do you recomend and how many and what types of reactors do you run

  • cooper says:

    i wish the marine aquarium expo was in raleigh

  • Austin Turbitt says:

    Hey Mark! Great video! Do you know when the deal for the Apex would be ready? I would really love to purchase one!

  • Googs says:

    Hi mark. U never answered cam turner’s ?’s I’m also looking into an apex n not sure exactly which 1 to grab. Can the apex jr or any model work with the koralia pumps to create waves and the smart box is it needed with the apex? There’s so many ?’s

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