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Acropora Eating Flatworm (AEFW) Project Update

I hate those nasty, coral eating worms as much as any reef junkie and thanks to support from hobbyist, scientific facts are coming out about AEFW. Here’s the latest information from the AEFW researchers.

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  • stephen dodd says:

    hi mark nice to hear from you again after all yjis time. there is no video or script with this message you sent

  • Metcho Corna says:

    Hello mark,

    Nice to hear from you again. Was thinking you weren’t doing the videos anymore. The video wasn’t here on the page and the link didn’t work either. I was so ready to watch this one.

  • Metcho Corna says:

    You have to copy the link provided and go to YouTube and paste in the search link and the video is there to watch.

  • Jeff Baldwin says:

    I hope you will do a follow up video once Jonathon publishes his research.

  • BoB Bishop says:

    Great work and great interview! Working in Agriculture and dealing with pest related international trade issues I know the only way to solve this pest issue is through increased knowledge and then applied research findings. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for sharing this Mark!

  • Andrew MCLAUGHLAN says:

    Any updates on this?

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