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Dialing In Internal Flow In A Reef Tank Using Vortecs

Internal flow in a reef tank is a mostly art with some science. The goal is to acheive the “just right” amount of flow in different areas in your tank at the same time. Here’s how World Wide Corals handles flow in one of their reef tanks using EcoTech Marine mp40s

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  • Steve Ghera says:

    Very informative, Mark. Thank you for taking the time to create this and freely share it. In this way, you are behaving more like a hobbyist versus a business owner (which you need to do to pay the bills). But, we current/future customers respect you more for it.

    While I don’t have the funds for MP pumps with their versatility via programming and coordination, I am easily able to apply some of what I learned to my system. Adding a couple more (smaller) pumps, varying speed (manually) from day to day, perhaps using timers are thoughts I might apply to my 135 gal DT.

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