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Where I Buy My Fish and Coral Online

Buying fish and coral online is a bit of a leap of faith. You don’t get to meet the vendor in person and most of the time, you have no idea what you are getting until the box arrives at your door.
None of those things are an issue though when I purchase from my online coral and fish vendor of choice.

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  • Oscar says:

    ive never purchased from vivid online but i have been to the store and I was not happy with there service. I wish the would have a more customer friendly staff especially for someone like myself that is still learning about keeping an aquarium. But I have to say they have a very cool store

  • Dan says:

    Wow. I did not know my local fish store was that popular. And I was there last week. Darn i could have met you.

  • James Butler says:

    Sorry to hear that Oscar. One thing I love about vivid is the fact that they have the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) section of their website. This is a great option for those who are afraid of buying online sight unseen.

  • Chris says:

    I am glad you did a show on on line stores. what has stopped me from buying on line is will i get what i pay for? will it look like the pic? did they just get the coral in the day before? do they Quarantine there fish and corals before selling them? do they dip there corals before they put them out for sell? you have Answered most of my Questions. i have a LFS that i found out the hard way that they do not Quarantine there fish and corals before selling them. i got the coral home and dipped it in coral rx it was crazy what was coming off one frag. i bought $300.00 in coral and in 2 weeks most of it had died. that is the only place i have had that much pests come off of a frag it was not just one pest it was a little bit of every pests. i was lucky to i when to that place.i had not lost a frag or a coral to i bought form them.

  • Ed says:

    I purchase here all the time and Dave help me build my 125 gal……awesome store and owner

  • Matt says:

    Wow… This is why I love your vids Mark… Not only do I end up grinning like an idiot (and at several (well most) points there was a fair bit of dribble as well!) I also go away better informed… Top vid chap!

    However I’m in the UK and I’m fairly sure Vivid won’t be sending anything my way… Mores the pity… For those in the UK Dreamreef offer a WYSIWYG system… And no I don’t work for them etc etc….

    Right… I’m off to watch this one again so I can drool some more…

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    I haven’t done business with Vivid, but I have heard great things about them. They have one of the best vendor websites on the web. I wish we had shops like that on the East Coast but I guess thats what the Website is for …Right 🙂

  • MILIND says:

    WOW nice collection….do these guy’s ship abroad??

  • Richard says:

    Cool video but you really need to show more technical stuff, I would love to see what runs that massive 800 gal show tank or that massive U tank.

  • Mad Hatter…well last time I checked FedEX delivered to the East Coast…

  • MILIND…they don’t ship abroad due to import/export regulations. Its a PITA to say the least.

  • paul says:

    I have ordered from vivid aquarium nothing lived .then trying to get any refund was like pulling teeth, never again .I only order from live aquarium i have spent close to a thousand dollars in the past 6month. I even requested different sizes and have been pleased with every order.

  • Joe cashwell says:

    Mark, I’m going to take your word that their good, I’m going to order my first item from them this week and see how it goes. Been a chicken to do a online order.
    Can’t wait to get the new tank, I’ll have fun ordering to fill it.
    Is there a free ship with minimum order? (east coast)

  • Lee brindley says:

    If only there was a shop like this in the uk near me wow

  • Matt says:

    I agree Lee… :o) As I mentioned above… Try UK Dreamreef… They’ve recently had some stock in that will blow your mind!!

    Sure Mark won’t mind me mentioning a UK company… I wish Vivid fancied a little over the pond expansion but hey… I was always a dreamer… lol

  • Kim says:

    do they send it oversea?Asia?

  • Janet says:

    Like Oscar commented, I too have not ordered from them online but have been to their store about 5 or 6 times. The store is absolutely beautiful but the staff is so unfriendly they tend to just ignore you. You have to flag them down to ask any questions. I have been there with other people and they have felt the same way. I always leave the store asking myself why did I go there again.

  • micheal says:

    Thanks to mr.saltwater tank i’ll be shopping online at this store to set up my 14g biocube.

  • jose g simons says:

    hi do you send to mexico city?

  • jose g simons says:

    do you send to Mexico City

  • Jose…Vivid does not ship internationally due to the crazy import/export restrictions. You’ll have to find someone in Mexico City.

  • zak welsh says:

    Do they send to England

  • Zak…Vivid does not ship to internationally due to the import/export restrictions

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