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The Livestock in My 450 Gallon Saltwater Tank

What’s a reef tank with some fish and coral? The answer…boring! Here’s a look at the current livestock in my new 450 gallon peninsula reef tank


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  • Ed says:

    Just watched your vedio on stocking your 450 gal tank. You referenced if anyone missed the build and putting together the filtration etc. go to the link below. Well there was not a link to go to. Please send me the link if you can. Ty

  • Joe Sanfratello says:


    Great job as usual – I’m just curious why no Hippo Tangs?

    Please advise.



  • Vasco Jardim says:

    Greetings from Portugal!

    Great video, as always. One question on the spotbreast Angel: did you treat them with Cupramine while in quarantine? If so, what concentration did you get to? After loosing two thirds of my fish due to not QT I know quarantine and treat prophylactically every fish that I buy (yes, I also bought your guide to quarantine).


  • Vasco…thanks for the purchase of my quarantine guide. I did treat all the angels with cupramine with a final concentration of 0.5 mg/L

  • Joe…hippos can get aggressive when they get larger. They can also eat coral. My last one took a liking to zoas.

  • John Rodgers says:

    The Stripeys are far from boring.
    Your fish selection is gorgeous, and your videos are always enjoyed.
    Thanks for sharing, Mark.

  • Peyton says:

    This marks the very first tank (that we know of) of your’s to not house a purple tang. Were you afraid he’d pick on your black tang?

  • Peyton…I had a purple tang in the tank for about 3 weeks. He was small – about 2″. Black was 3.5″ at the time. Week 1-2 purple didn’t bother the black. Then day 2 of week 3 he decided to pick on the black. Nothing really bad, just saying, “hey kid…I’m here” Day 4 he decided he’d bully the black so much the black hid on the corner and allowed himself to be netted out with ZERO resistance. Black went into a holding tank, tank got torn apart, purple came out. Black when back in. I’d love to have a purple tang and I’m not risking it with my investment in the black tang

  • Darren Capon says:

    Thanks for the video Mark loved it. First time I saw my first Yellow Tang was in an Aquarium down near LAX when I was in LA for a holiday in 1992, we could never get those fish here in Australia back then, but now they are in nearly every Aquarium that has saltwater fish, never kept then but I have had a lot of luck with Sailfins and even Blue or Regall Tangs. The regal Tang I have now does not come out from the rocks and I have had him about 3 weeks now, now and again he makes an odd appearance then goes back into the rocks again. Anyway another great video again always enjoy watching them. And greetings from Down under.

  • Katrin says:

    So, when one shops for a fish, the bio-load output is not generally one of the characteristics listed — you’ll read things like “easy” or moderate in terms of keeping a fish, or whether it’s “reef safe”, but where does one go to read up/find out about whether a fish is a low or high bio-load outputter (or, outpooper, as may be more appropriate)?

  • Harrison says:

    What kind of filter is that on the back of your quarantine tank at the end of the video? I’m still trying to figure out a good filter for quarantine tanks. Thanks!

  • Harrison…it’s a penguin biowheel filter. Hangs on the back tank and utilizes cartridges for mechanical and chemical filtration. I lay out my full quarantine tank design and procedures in my quarantine guide:

  • Steve Bergman says:

    Where did you get the stripey’s

  • Steve…my importer brought them in for me. I was told it was the first time they got them in years

  • Mike Gosselin says:

    so as you video says you are using metal halides on this tank why did you switch from led’s back to metal halides and what watt of metal halides are you using 150w or 250w

  • Mike..only part of the tank has halides on it. LEDs are on another section of the tank as outlined in this video

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