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Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday AM Quick Tip: The Foam Filter In My Emergency Kit

When something goes wrong in my tank, this filter is one of the first things I reach for

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The Friday AM Quick Tips Return: How To Save Your Tank When Your Return Pump Fails

Your return pump failed and you didn’t follow my advice to have a spare one on hand? This tip could save your tank.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday Am Quick Tip: The Emergency Power From Above

When you lose power, you’ve got a couple of options to get your tank powered up. Here’s one option that requires zero gas and has no carbon footprint.

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Terrible Advice Tuesdays (Special Edition): The Cheapest Way To Light Your Aquarium In An Emergency

Terrible Advice Tuesdays: Metal Halide lights can be powered by combining Diet Coke and Mentos in a closed container – in an emergency and ONLY in an emergency.

The rest of the story: One of my high-end aquarium installer friends …

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Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 1/6/2014

Emergencies can happen at any time and this week’s Q&A is about how to be prepared when one strikes.

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You’ve Spent Thousands On Your Saltwater Tank, Spend $50 or Less To Protect It

One thing that drives me crazy is the amount of money people spend on their saltwater tanks, yet they refuse to spend a single dollar to give themselves a backup plan in case of the most common tank emergency: an …

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Additional Tips From Viewers For Preparing Your Saltwater Tank For Emergencies

Hurricane Sandy is looking like it will score a direct hit on the east coast of the USA Tuesday morning.  I’ve been getting lots of great tips from viewers for ways to prepare yourself for the storm and I’ve rounded …

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How To Prepare Your Saltwater Tank For Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is looking like it is headed for a direct hit on the east coast of the United States. Here’s how to get your tank prepared if you are in the storm’s path.  Note: These tips are useful for …

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