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So Close, You Can Almost Touch Them: The Fish Of MACNA 2012

Listening to the call of my loyal (yet bored) fans who are riding out Hurricane Sandy, I’ve put together some unique footage of some of the fish @ MACNA 2012.  The question is, which shot do you like best?  The designer clownfish from ProAquatix, or the Hippo Tang?

Note:Make sure you watch the footage in HD. On the bottom right of the YouTube player window, there is a gear looking button. Click on it, the select “720 HD”

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  • Mark H. says:

    Thanks Mark, great video footage as i lay here with a busted up knee. 🙁
    Loved the purple tang.

  • Dom R says:

    Hi Mark. Not sure why but the “watch on Full Screen” button never works. 🙁

  • Reggie says:

    Great RED® footage Mark!

  • the dude says:

    Great footage Mark! Those poor souls out on the east coast may not get to see it until after the power is restored (unless they have a capable mobile device with service) but it was very thoughtful of you to put this piece out there. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you affected by this storm.

  • tanksfishtank says:

    Hey Mark,
    Loved the video! I have always enjoyed your video’s and look forward to new ones daily. I especially love the Friday morning quick tips. Look….I guess what I want to say is Thank You! Yesterday I asked (somewhat jokingly) on your face book page for a video for those of us who were stuck inside during this hurricane. You had no obligation to any of us to do this, however, you took time out of your busy day at the drop of a hat to post a video for people you don’t know or have any obligation to. I have never met you and already have great respect for you! Please tell your wife and little one thanks for the amount of time and support they give you to be able to educate your fans and fellow hobbyists, after seeing the bloopers on last weeks 100th episode they have a ton of patients and it would not be possible without them! Please excuse the cheesiness of this post, I am usually not so sentimental, however, your commitment to your fans by posting a video just to help the moral of others really took me back.

    Thanks Again for all you and your family do!
    I look forward to meeting you someday!
    Tom (Tank) Miller

  • Bert Rutanheiser says:

    Anyway you could host these on a decent HD streaming site like vimeo?

  • Jason says:

    While I think all of the footage was amazing I have to give my vote to the Naso Tang. The Blue Hippo was a close second but the Naso was my favorite!!!

  • Bert…i’m uploading it to Vimeo right now. It should be done in about 10 hours as the file is 4.5 Gb!

  • Jason…the naso stole the show for me too.

  • Tom…thanks for the note and I’m glad you enjoy the videos! I hope you and your tank survived the Hurricane ok.

  • ska d says:

    Thanks Mark, awesome footage. Cant wait to see more. Your taste of music is also outstanding. About 15000 are without power here in Toronto, and one women was killed by flying debris. Nothing compared to those further south, but still a tragedy. Luckily I still have power so Ive got to go flip some fish Ive got cooling in the oven. And no…its none of my buddies. Haddock i think. Even if i could keep one, it wouldnt last long. I love that stuff…lol

  • Jesse says:

    Mark, Thanks for the video. Sitting in Maryland with nothing to do except change my water on my tank and watch your videos (everything is closed). Luckily after the last big storm we put a 20K generator outside the house, so at least we have power. Hope everyone else is safe and rode through the storm as well as we did. Thanks again Mark, looking forward to that MACNA footage.

  • Samuel says:

    Thanks for the video Tom loved it especially the tangs they were the best for me keep up the good work And thanks for caring for us who are riding out the storm……

  • Samuel says:

    im sorry i wrote the wrong name so many things on my mind thanks mark callahan….and thanks for caring hope everyone is doing well …

  • Bert…I just replaced the YouTube video on the post with the Vimeo version. Looks much better.

  • Kees says:

    hi Mark,
    Thanks for this amazing video. Looks almost if you can touch the fish. I like this clownfish ver.

  • bvoignier says:

    This is the motion of the ocean

  • Matt says:

    I know the upload time is a killer… but honestly… I could watch this all day… I’d cancel my cable TV in a heartbeat!

    Honestly Mark… I’d put everything you do up on vimeo… It looks just that much better!

    bvoignier – Love that … brilliant 😀

  • ska d says:

    Gonna have to watch this again when I get home from work. Just isn’t the same on a smart phone. Want to see what all this vimeo hype is all about. Can’t wait…tick… tick… tick.

  • Cheryl says:

    Nice footage, really enjoyed it. Did I see a spot of ich on that blue Tng, his right side towards his tail, towards the end of his section.

  • Kyle West says:

    Awesome footage Mark! Purple tang was the winner for me. Would love to see some details about how you shot.

  • Elaine Hornshaw says:

    Hey Mark just wanted to say great footage would love to see this as a screen saver. I love your sight and have used a lot of your info. Im almost two years new to the hobby and loving it. I still have a lot of bugs to work out such as the hair algea but I know I will get there, thank you for all the great posts 🙂

  • janetora says:

    Yes, I am an old fuddy duddy! The designer Clown fish just look wrong to me!! Mark- beautiful video! Thanks for all you do for the hobby!

  • Lucas says:

    Where did you get a RED!?

    Is it a rental? LOL

  • Janetora…you sound like me dad, “I like, what I like”. It’s not a bad thing to have preferences!

  • Jim C. says:

    Loved it!

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