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Reefing in the Middle East: Profile Of A Saudi Arabian Hobbyist

I dropped in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to see what a Middle East Reef Junkie does to get their reef on

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  • steve dodd says:

    sounds like he has the same trouble as we do in England

  • Buddy says:

    Now thats a dedicated reefer. Great !!! video, I would have never thought that getting supplies for a reef tank would be so hard in a country that has done so much with technology. Riyadh tank looks fantastic and gives me even more inspiration to push forward and work smarter on my own tank. I especially liked his advice of buying quality equipment and stressing one to have patience if you want to be successful in this hobby. I work in the technology sector and instant results are required to be successful. That mind set tends to creep in to my own tank build, so i have to fight it back with a stick. Maybe a few months in Saudi Arabia would cure me,,,

  • Carmen Stafford says:

    Really interesting video! Thanks.

  • Carmen Stafford says:

    So interesting to listen to a Reefer from so far away. Thanks!

  • Simon K. says:

    Awesome spotlight!
    The price of success is hard work and dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether we win or loose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.
    It’s really inspiring and humbling to see just how dedicated people are in this amazing hobby.

    Keep the videos coming Mark!

    Simon K.

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