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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s EcoTech Marine Radion Experiment Update

I’m 4 months in, so it is time for a full fledged update of testing out LEDs over my SPS heavy tank.

Don’t miss the link to the bonus video showing my Radion custom program!

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  • veerall says:

    i guess these last for 50000 hrs till burn out and the intensity decreases after 15000-20000 hours so these should be changed every 4 years. there are people using 6$ cheap gu10 chineese led bulbs and growing all sps corals. they too last for 2 years and more. I had gone to china to a light fair with my cousin and they told me all the chip leds are high intensity. there was a cree stall too and the intensity produced were same. the gu10 bulbs are so powerfull that it bleached a few sps in the begning but later when they were placed 12″ abobe water surface, the sps grew like weeds. so be it radions or any other brands or DIY, all use chip leds that are all high intensity. people have also tried with apogee par meter. just type “gu10 led reef tank” on youtube.

  • puckingoalie86 says:

    hey mark do you think having a glass top on your tank would really change anything about the lights or tank? thanks

  • A glass top will diffuse the light and cut down on how much gets into the tank. I don’t like glass tops.

  • reggie says:

    I noticed you have 2 light fixtures for your 90 gal tank. What would the recommendation for a 60L x 24W x 30H tank? I could not find any design criteria on the Eco Tech site.

  • RAY says:


  • Ray…with a 60″ tank you might have some dark spots in the center or ends of the tank. Ideally I’d like to see 3 on a 60″ tank.

  • Leonard says:

    I have a 24 inch cube 60 gallon reef tank. Could I get away with one single Radion unit or do I need two? I wanted to avoid hanging a “trapeze” over my tank to hold the LED’s if possible and wondered if there is another way to mount the light? I would kind of like my tank to be the focal point when someone looks rather than the lights hanging from the ceiling. Thanks.

  • Ross says:

    Hi Mark, at the 2:22 point you remove the LED bricks to place your plywood cover, but tank lighting does not change. Are you running some lights other than just the LEDs? I’m a newb just trying to figure out how to set one of these buggers up. I enjoy and have received a lot of knowledge from our vids. Thanks!

  • Carlos says:

    Hi mark, I wanna ask you about your coral have you seen any change on them? You know have they change to a different color,daker or brighter. Thanks

  • Kevin says:

    Hi Mark,
    I just upgraded to a 125gal reef tank 72x18x22. I want to go with the Radion lights. I was looking at 3 light fixtures. What is your suggestion or am I on the right track. Appreciate it.

  • amanda says:

    how many radions on a 72″length,36″width,27″height 300 gallon reef tank?

  • amanda says:

    how many ecotech radions on a 72″length,36″width,27″height 300 gallon reef tank?

  • Fidel says:

    Mark when u tested the AI Sols with no success could it be that u didn’t have the whites and blues adjusted right

  • Fidel says:

    Could it b that u didn’t adjust the lights on the ai sol correctly.

  • discussed in the AI SOL show, the issue with the Sol experiment was the tank, not the lights

  • john almond says:

    hi mark
    how did you open the software?
    i cannot get into the program to set my lights up!
    spent all this money and i`m having to use a timer to turn my lights on and off tried to talk to ecotech but no luck
    regards john

  • John…EcoTech is your best resource for this issue as they are much more familiar with trouble shooting the product than I am.

  • Jay-R Quiambao says:


    When you configure the light setting on your Ecotech radion does the light have to be connect to the computer using the USB for the time when the light need to change. Or you had connected then save the setting and load the setting into the light then disconnect the USB connection. Please give me advice.

  • john almond says:

    i connected the light to the computer using the usb cable,
    set all the settings i wanted then saved then press the button in the blue box to save the settings to your light any problems send me an e-mail [email protected]
    regards john

  • Shawn says:

    Hey Mark,

    What would you reccomend for a 60 gallon cube? 24″x24″x24″. It’s time to upgrade.


  • Matthew Knowles says:

    Mark how high off the water should I have the lights? That includes using the same lighting configuration that you are using on yours.

  • Matthew…EcoTech recommends 7-8″ and I think mine were 9-10″ inches. I can’t remember exactly. The higher you place them, the more spread you’ll get and less light penetration. However, you can always crank up the light intensity to make up for the height.

  • Jim hine says:

    To program them do you just hook it up to your computer via USB and then configure it. And does it have to be always hooked up to the software

  • Jim…you are correct that the Radion is connected to your computer via USB and then you can configure it through EcoTech’s EcoSmart web based software. Once the light is programmed, you disconnect the cable and the light runs on its own.

  • Jason says:

    Mark, Do you have anykind of splash guard to protect the Radios from getting wet? Is it safe to house them “naked” in a canopy?

  • Jason…I do not have any kind of splash guard. There’s always a chance they’ll get splashed and if you keep them far enough off the water (at least 7 inches), then the chance is much diminished

  • Jason says:

    Hi Mark:

    I wanted to design a canopy similar to yours that the Ecotech Radion can sit on top…Could you tell me the dimensions you used for cutting the holes including the routed dimensions? Did you encounter any issues with this design? Also, do you have anything supporting the radions or do they just sit on top by themselves? Are you concerned the will fall in?


  • Jason…I didn’t draw up any plans for the canopy. My woodworker friend eyeballed it all and made the cuts on site.

  • Marie says:

    Hi Mark! Can one Radiation Pro cover 36 inch long and 24 inch tall SPS Reef Tank? Thanks in advance.

  • chandan says:

    Hi Mark! Can one Radiation Pro cover 36 inch long and 24 inch tall SPS Reef Tank? Thank you.

  • kit says:

    Hi Mark, i have same question like marie and chan, Can one Radiation Pro cover 36 inch long and 24 inch tall SPS Reef Tank? Thank you very much.

  • Seaforth says:

    Did you encounter any issues with this design?

  • Richard says:

    one or two Radion the tank is 48 18 24

  • Mike Andrews says:

    Hi Mark. Love your site! Do you really run the 20k at 100 intensity? No bleaching problems!? I have 3 radion pro over a 190gal tank (27.5 deep) and run at 45%. Mike

  • Mike…I run my lights @ 60%, 14K during the day

  • Mike says:

    Thanks for the reply Mark. Am very happy with the Radions!

  • Mick says:

    Hey Mark

    Enjoy the videos. I picked up the radians and they are impressive. One issue I did have was them dialling themselves down for no good reason. If anybody has this issue, just go into ecosmartlive with your light plugged in. Go to the wrench. Disable radion buttons. Now it will only do what you want 😉

    Thanks again for the great vids

  • Ash says:

    I have ordered 3 Pros for my 72 x 18 x 27 (150 gallon) system and i have a canopy which sits 10″ above the water surface. I am going to just put it on top of the canopy cutting the part where the Leds and Fans will be facing the water surface (just like how Mark has displayed in the video). In addition i also have rapid leds (diy) which i will keep it to cover the hidden or dark spots incase if i see.. will keep you guys posted. Mark you are a big help to the reef hobbyists…Thanks a ton…

  • Ash says:

    Hey Mark,
    I was looking at your video on your 375 Gallon tank and i liked the way how you have made a DIY track to install your Radions. I might do something like that as well but one question though is your canopy OPEN from top for air circulation for the fans on radions OR if it is closed what have you done to provide the air circulation (fans etc). Radions suggest the fans to have good air flow…Thanks.

  • Jason says:

    Hi Mark. I was recently reading a thread at Reef Central ( suggests we are all being duped by the lighting companies in regards to the longevity of LED lights for reef tanks. I was wondering if you could do any par readings on your tank, now that you’ve been running Radions for a couple years, to see if this a legitimate issue or a Chicken Little incident? Also please share any thoughts you may have about this issue. Thanks!!! 🙂

  • Chris says:

    what are you using to supplement the actenic light on the tank in the video?

  • Chris…nothing.

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