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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of MACNA 2014 Part 4

The final installment of my MACNA 2014 coverage including an interview about dinoflagellates, and a budget-concious LED light

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  • steve dodd says:

    mark theres no picture

  • Doe says:

    No audio Mark

  • Doe…works fine for me. You may need to update your flash player (or unmute it :-))

  • Mark H. says:

    Nice work Mark, I’m hoping to make it to MACNA next year.

  • John Rodgers says:

    MACNA 2015 in Washington DC !! How cool is that ?!
    Rub shoulders with the best politicians and dump your skimmer cups on the worst.

  • Ned S says:

    When are the Current Marine Pros coming to market. Very little info on the web about them and nothing on the Current USA website.

  • 5000 bonus points to John for the funnest thing I’ve heard all day

  • Donnie says:

    Hey Mark. Do you know when the new Current Orbit Marine Pro will be available for purchase?

  • Brian says:

    I contacted Current this is what they said….

    Dear Hobbyist,
    Thank you for contacting Current-USA Inc. and for showing interest in our Orbit Marine Pro.

    The Orbit Marine Pro should be released sometime around the beginning of next year. You can always stay up to date on our product releases by following our Facebook page.

  • Greg Wood says:

    Wow that orbit marine PRO is a dream come true.
    Might have to bring my 90 out of retirement for that!

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