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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 235g Tank December Update

2012 has proved to be a up and down year for my 235g tank. After a rocky start that included a neglected rental house, a marine velvet outbreak and my tank was restarted in May and has been running successfully for 7 months. The tank is about to start a new chapter though and that chapter won’t be written around these parts.

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  • Branden says:

    Should I get the same skimmer you have I have a 75 gal cube with sps lps soft corals mushroom zoos and a few clams and 15 fish. I just want to lessen my water changes to 1 once a week instead of twice. Everyone is happy I just have .25 ammonia show up here and there. And only feed every 3rd day. 0 phosphate 0 nitrite 0 nitrate ph 8.2 alk 8-9?

  • Branden…the Hydor 2005 is rated up to 500 gallons so it is much too large for your tank. A skimmer rated to 120-150g would be better for your tank.

  • Branden says:

    Thanks. Can you over skim

  • DucatiDeMay says:

    I really like your new setup. I have a lot of the same equipment on my setup and was wondering how some of it is working out. i’ve had my equipment for about year and half however just now was able to set everything up. I got a video you should check out I just posted on youtube. check it out and let me know what you think. thanks for your videos.

  • Jack Collins says:

    Hi Mark,
    Would a Blue throat trigger be okay in a 5ft,2ft,2ft reef?
    The smallest inhabitants would be a mandarin and two Ocellaris clowns.
    People here in New Zealand have advised me against getting one as it WILL kill my smaller fish. Many thanks; Jack

  • Jack…I’ve had great success with my blue throat. I’ve never heard of them killing a fish, only a shrimp on occasion.

  • Beth Meredith says:

    I’m considering the Radions and was wondering if they have to be plugged in to a computer all the time or if they will retain the settings and can be unplugged. Just trying to figure out how I will need to configure things. Also, if you are still a dealer, I would be interested in your prices. I’m looking at the gen 2.

  • Jason says:

    They retain their programming without having a computer attached. You only need to attach the computer to modify the settings. That being said I am referring to the Gen 1 Radions. It is possible that the new ones allow wireless access since now they use a web browser instead of a dedicated program to manage them.

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