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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 2012 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Shopping for holiday gifts can be a real drag not only for you, but also for people buying your gifts. Between wondering if the person will even like the gift and debating if you can really afford it, holiday shopping can be a real drag. To make shopping easier on you, i’ve put together my 2012 holiday gift guide full of great saltwater aquarium gifts that all cost less than $50

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  • Ryan S says:

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing Mark.

  • Andrew says:

    Hey mark you should’ve included Coral Rx

  • kevin says:

    Just to late already have my presents :). No aquarium stuff, but i’ll get that myself (and some corals at the same time).

  • Susan says:

    Thanks for the Holiday Gift Buying Guide, but I think my favorite gift would be getting you to come to Vegas and help my husband & I turn our tank into one of the beautiful tanks you display on your website. Feel like playing Santa? : ) Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  • Matt says:

    Just love that Avast camera attachment … bulky looking but seeing the pictures it obviously does the job… Cheers for the ideas chap 😉

  • Fred says:

    Mark, I noticed the nano tank in your presentation. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions?

  • Richard says:

    Great gifts idea Mark. I bought the BRS screen kit but it didnt work so well on a 92g corner tank.

  • jrockflimflam says:

    Mark, Awesome ideas. The water testing sounds great….. and I’m heading to get your guides now!!!!
    One Question: The little tank on your desk. It looks like a mini mini reef.
    What is the best way to set up a desk top mini mini reef? I would love to get one with maybe one show piece polyp farm, and a aerocrab?????

  • Mike Mueller says:

    Great to hear about the deals on your guides. Looking to add two more.
    Thanks Mark!!

  • jrockflimflam says:

    I agree with Mike. Too bad we have to wait until next Tuesday 🙁
    Hey Mark, Will you be offering hard back personally autographed copies?? 🙂

  • LAWRENCE says:

    Mark, You do realize you are now global and I enjoy your site. Gifts were good, but many items are not available here in Japan or simply overpriced. A small suggestion, if a supplier will ship overseas, try to mention it. I just don’t understand why so many do not in this modern world. Usually, if they do and even with the high cost of shipping, (and the product is available here), they beat the prices considerably…and I’m all for keeping a few yen in my pocket. Probably the market is to small, but on the other hand…you just can’t get many things here…at least not conveniently.

    Keep up the good work and I will always be looking for supplies that will ship to me.

    Thank you.

  • Ann Marie says:

    I would like a autographed copy also please!!

    I am a future reef enthusiast! and just set up my tank a week ago. I look forward to your Friday quick tips and try to catch your latest YouTube video. I was wondering if you have a video on, “How to Prevent Tank Catastrophes”? ie… mostly mechanical, protein skimmer overflow, return pump malfunctions, overflow overflowing, even biological, etc…. just a video about anything and everything that could go wrong in a saltwater aquarium. I followed your advise about the ATO and its working great. If you have a video, could you please tell me where i could find it? Thank you again!!

    Ann Marie

  • Tic Ar Gi says:

    Does the link to that goes to Marine Depot earn you money if someone buys while they have visited the site using your link?

    I think a good Reef advice YouTube account should tell people to buy nori at an Asian food supply. Why on earth would someone pay the reef store prices for something so cheap?

    It was a good opportunity to let your fans know about a real bargain rather than trying to make a buck off of their ignorance.

  • Lawrence, most USA suppliers won’t ship oversees due to the amount of time and effort it takes for international shipment. One supplier said preparing a domestic (USA) package takes 30 seconds, while preparing a single international bound box can take 5 minutes or more due to the amount of paper work. Add in the international shipping costs that would be passed onto the purchaser and the potentially long ship times and nearly all retailers would rather avoid the issue.

    And I realize you and part of my audience is internationally based. It’s a double edged sword for me and when I know which products are available world wide, I try to do so.

  • Darren says:

    Hey Mark, great ideas. For your sale starting Tues Dec 18 will this be one day only, pay day isn’t till Thurs and would like to pick up a couple of guides.

  • Darren…the sale will go until Dec 24th @ 11.59pm CST. Therefore, you’ve got time!

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