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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip: How to Feed Nori Without The Mess

My fish love nori and here’s a very useful and mess-free way to feed it to your fish:

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  • dave says:

    when I feed ALL pumps go into feed mode on the ole APEX and come on at different times circulation first to get what might be left over for the fish to pick up then canister filter to pick up smaller food then the others. hopefully by that time all is broken down enough to not clog up the works. thanks marc

  • Bryan Scardina says:

    I typically don’t do anything with my pumps when I feed my fish. When I put the nori in the vegy clip my fish go into feeding frenzy mode. Every fish in my tank eats it (even the cornivorous). Even if it gets stuck on the side of my powerhead they eat it off my powerhead. I feed them the Julian Sprungs purple seaweed sheets and they go crazy over it.

  • english steve says:

    I dont use nori , I have a 7 year old large yellow tang who only eats algae pellets. 2 a day and its really healthy. Read somewhere that its eating other food that they wouldnt eat in the wild that shortens there life span

  • Chris Lovato says:

    Hey mark where do u get ur awesome t shirts your always wearing .. ..?..

  • Bryan Scardina says:

    Can’t believe everything you read. I don’t believe tangs get algae pellets in the wild. has a lot of the tee shirts that Mark is wearing in the videos.

  • Chris says:

    I have made the mistake of unplugging my pump for feeding and forgetting to plug it back in for 9 hrs. Fortunately I didn’t have any losses but now I use a cheap outlet timer set to turn off for 15 min.

  • Chris…here’s where I get my shirts

  • alex says:

    Personally when i feed seaweed sheets i like to cut fringes in them from the edge with a pair of scissors then fold up the uncut side & place in the clip that way the tangs can rip off bite size pieces .

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