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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip: How to Feed Nori Without Getting Your Hands Wet

I’m a hands-on type of guy. Around my reef tank though, I try to be a hands-out type of guy. Here’s one way I feed my fish without putting my hand in the tank.

Thanks Joel for the reminder about this tip.

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  • Joel Sabin says:

    Ha, didn’t realize you already made a video of this one!

    I emailed you because I lost my fishing line clip in a move a couple weeks ago and remembered how annoying it is to put your hand in the tank to feed nori and again to pull the clip out.

  • Luca_brasi says:

    Good tip. I feed my fish nori by hand. I hold a sheet in the water and they come right up to the top and eat it. It doesn’t keep my hand that dry though.

  • Mike says:

    I have one of them fancy clips with a magnet. I really hated having to put my entire arm in the tank to get the clip, as well annoyed at how unreliable the suction cups were.

  • Ralph Gibson says:

    Need help what is the best way to get rid of majano anemones

  • Dale says:

    Great tip Mark. My question is how do i get my tang to eat nori? Im currently feeding LRS herbivore frenzy and new era marine graizer discs. I can put a small piece of nori on a clip and nothing, i have tried rubberbanding some to a rock and still wont touch it. The tang goes nuts fir the disc and LRS is that enough?

  • MarineSniper says:

    Great tip. I always put a rubber band around my Mag Float and use that. Another idea to try!

  • jasonandsarah says:

    I have my nori clip glued to a piece of acrylic with the top molded to fit the top of the tank rim. Same concept as a diy float switch holder.
    Put it on the back side of the tank and you’ll never see the acrylic. If you keep it clean!(I don’t) lol
    I tried the fishing line thing awhile back after seeing your video. But the tang it was for got it’s barb(whatever you call it) caught on the fishing line! Probably 1 in a million but I decided not to try it again!

  • Jason Seymour says:

    This is what I use, a PVC J hanger and a couple plastic coated magnets. One is glued to the J support, while the other clamps the algae. I just hook it on to my eggcrate lids. Another theme would be to use rigid air line instead of the pvc support, it could be much longer. No strings to get tangled in your beautiful birdsnest and strong enough to hold up to the largest tangs(I have a 2′ yellowfin surgeon that eats off one.

    Here is a pic of one.

  • Don Davis says:

    I had an old square piece of acrylic laying around drilled a hole through it put the fishing line through and rubber band nori to it. Clips allow fish to take large pieces and then it winds up floating around and may not get eaten which becomes extra waste in the tank. The fish do love working at the rubberband and it is entertaining for me.

  • Tom Hanson says:

    Great tip Mark!! The suction cup always gets brittle from being in the water and I end up throwing the whole thing away. Thanks again I’ll do this today!

  • Andy says:

    My hands are always dirty as I work at cars. I cringe every time I put my hand in the tank.

    Great idea. I’ll give it a go.

  • Oldie but a goodie 🙂 I use fishing line tied to a small piece of live rock and a rubber band. My tangs are don’t like their nori flowin’.

  • Jeff Hesketh…your fish are high maintenance!

  • Frank says:

    Ralph G. I tried the diff. juices and the majano wand. Juices did not work very well. The wand was fun but was to long and could not get at the mojanos in holes or under corals and rock work. Heard of and bought a file fish called Tomentosus and have not had a mojano since. It may nip at a coral but not enough to damage them. If you have other tanks, you can move the file fish and it will clean them out also. Good luck

  • Ralph says:

    Frank thank you for the help.Have a good day

  • lol, possibly…. But I need to keep them feed and happy.

  • Jack Scelsi says:

    Great tip. Tried it today. First attempt was useing a floating Dug a non-floater one up and worked great. Sailfin and blennie tearing up Sprung’s veggies.Thanks.
    Jack Destin Fl.
    125 gal mixed reef.
    Mark – loved the Tang Police movie. Good laugh but good message. Checked store for t shirt. Did not see it. Where do we buy one?

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