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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #88: I’m Sorry, But That’s Just Not My Color

Sheet algae, also known as nori, is a great food to feed your saltwater fish.  Just like humans, some fish have preferences so here’s how to find out what your fish like (and don’t like)

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  • Leonard says:

    Great tip. I noticed that you have a niger trigger in your tank. I have always wanted one but was reluctant since they grow fairly large and that they tend to nip at corals. Is this true or do you find them fairly reef safe?

  • Ryan S says:

    I’ve never tried this myself, but I’ve heard if you soak the nori in garlic the fish will go crazy for the nori, regardless of color.

  • Mark H. says:

    Great tip Mark, good to see your Triggers in the tank.
    What kind of Blenny is that?
    How about a quick update video of your fish in the tank? 🙂

  • Brandon says:

    It’s a midas blenny.

  • Leonard…the trigger fish saw is a Blue throat triggerfish. He is about 4-5″ long and has never nipped at any coral. Blue throats are mostly more reef safe than other triggers as they feed of food in the water column vs. food on rocks (corals, shrimps, etc).

  • Mark…Brandon has it right…he is a midas blennie.

    I’ll do a tank update in the next month or so and give everyone a run down of all the changes. For now, you can learn about the fish in my tank by going to my tank build page right here

  • Jesse C. says:

    Mark…great tip! I never thought of the color being the issue, my tangs loved the green stuff. But one day my LFS didn’t have it the green so I bought the red and they wouldn’t touch it. I just thought they rather eat other foods.

    BTW, what size Vortechs are you using, I see you have 4 of them?

  • Jesse C. says:

    My bad, I just missed it on the tank build page. Tank is looking AWESOME..and I love the fish choices!

  • Jason Reynolds says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I never realized that fish would have a preference over the type of Nori. I always thought that if they didn’t eat the Nori color I put in it was because I put it in the clip wrong. Speaking of which how do you feed your fish Nori? Do you use clips, attack it to rocks, or something else?

  • ska d says:

    One tip I came across for feeding nori was to take.a.strip and make little cuts so it looks like the teeth of a comb. When the fish eat they only get a little strip as opposed to tearing.of a.big chunk.and letting it just.float away. Thought this tip might nicely with your quick tip. Thanks.

  • John Vargas says:

    Hey Mark i love all your videos because you have helped me out on so many different things on how to set up a salt water tank and how to care for the fishes and corals.again Thanks for the great videos and keep up the good work. PS Your New Tank Looks Great!!!!!

  • Ray says:

    Good point Mark! My yellow tang won’t eat green algae. I will try purple.

    Also, I see that Smith and Wesson are in the tank now!

    I love your livestock in your tank, they’re unique.BTW, I just got a fire shrimp today! Beautiful! ::::::)))))))))))))

  • Mikey says:

    Leonard it isn’t a Niger trigger but a pair of Blue Jaw Triggers. I have a Niger with a cleaner shrimp, Fire shrimp and a couple of corals and he has never even noticed they are there. hope this helps!

  • Mark says:


    Just a heads up. I had a redtail trigger for 6 months or so with no problems. He was one of the most gentle fish in the tank. Was feeding the tank with m shrimp and during the feeding he went after a shrimp same time as my small lp mimic tang and the trigger bit the tangs mouth off. Of course it was an accident but I removed the trigger and put him in a fish only tank. I didnt want to take a chance with mu achilles tang. Lost the mimic tang a day later.

  • David Bruner says:

    Mark – Off topic but I missed the July sale. When are your guides going to be made available once more?

  • Tony says:

    Hey Mark, Tank looks great, but have to say (sorry) that top 1inch above water looks a little salty!

  • Frank Savasta says:

    GREAT TIP MARK!!! I have unsuccessfully tried to keep a few types of tangs and they just wouldn’t eat after eating the algae in my tank and my LFS only kept the green stuff. I hate to see fish suffer so I never bought another one in years. You brought some new hope to keeping a Tang in my tank…and yes, I do have a large enough tank…no need to send the tank poilice! haha. But thanks again! I might just go after that purple tang or Chevron that I always wanted!

  • Bob says:

    never knew there were colors other than green. All of my tangs go after the green like crazy other than the sailfin tang so maybe I will add other colors. Thanks again…

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