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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #8 : Don’t Pollute

You  have to feed your fish, but you don’t have to trash your tank while you are at it.

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  • steve Manning says:

    Just a note for those constantly struggling with algae/dirty tanks, I recently lost all my fish to Ich, 250 gal reef (reef junkie), I’m three weeks into eight weeks with no fish. My tank is amazingly clean, sand, rock are completly algae free. My sump is spotless, I’m not suggesting getting rid of all ones fish just posting my experience which I will log IN CAPITOL LETTERS in my journal so I dont forget this when it comes time to start restocking fish. I plan on starting with smaller species and a real consrevative feeding schedule. I am still lightly feeding for the tank and invertebrates

  • on the bright side, you should have a pretty killer pod population!

    LMK if you want to run your stocking ideas by me. I’m kicking some ideas for my 90g as well.

  • steve Manning says:

    Pods. OMG, you can see stuff swimming, I have two cleaner shrimp that just cruise the rock, They are so fat they look like they will explode.

    I would like to hear some ideas on fish, right now when I got to the lfs I just window shop looking at all the “small” fish

  • Steve…remind me again of the specs of your setup (gallons/lbs of LR, etc)?

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