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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #64: Label Says “Wave” But That’s Not Exactly What It Does

When it comes to waves, make sure you are looking for the right thing.

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  • James Dupuis says:

    Nice Touque!

  • Jeremy R says:

    Would the surge like action or oscillating wave like effect be more beneficial for a reef tank? I’d assume it depends on what particular species are living in the tank? Btw, great site, to quote Johnny-5.. Innnpuutttttt. Lol

  • Steve says:

    Thanks for the tip, and enjoy that toque and the shirt.

  • Jon says:

    If you look at Marks tank it is a standing wave thanks to the 2 ecotech mp40’s he has, if I could recommend anything it is Ecotech Pumps! they are amazing!

  • Jon…you are correct that the mp40’s will make a standing wave but the wave in my tank is actually made by the Tunze nano wavebox.

  • veeral says:

    Hey do an SPS tank require 60 times the flow? so for a 100 gallon, 1 MP40, 1 MP60 and a nano tunze wave box? there will be less LR than normal.

  • Ricardo says:

    Love the tip of this week , finally I understand the difference in a pulse and a wave maker.

  • Scott M. says:

    I’m with Jeremy, can you explain the benefits of one versus the other? Does the standing wave offer enough “random” particle movement?

    I really appreciate your site, and willingness to share your experience. Thank you.

  • Cam Turner says:

    Having seen Mark’s tank in person, I’d have to say that having both types makes for a very impressive display. The wave maker gently swayed the anemone and softies but there was still a lot of random movement for visual interest. No idea which is better but my 180G reef uses 2 MP40s in sync/antisync random reef crest mode and everything seems happy.

  • Dave says:

    Cool Mark, I still have the Red Sea Pro which was high tech in its day but way behind now. I get great pulses with the 4 Koralia pumps hooked to it but you should also remind people that units that utilize powerheads risk the powerheads starting in reverse…

  • Matt says:

    Wow… 😮 New looks certainly interesting Mark… 😀

    Could the wave box be combined with the New Hydor unit and give a similar effect I wonder….

    Top tip… Cheers to the Canadian fella for the laugh… 😉

  • Matt…that’s actually how I prefer to run circulation in my tank. One wave box, then power heads to create random currents.

  • Matthew Tibbits says:

    Veeral, right away you don’t need that much flow if you have a well designed aquascape even for SPS. As the corals grow in, you’ll end up with dead spots and you’ll want to add more flow. Part of the reason my newest tank has two islands completely separated from all the walls of the tank is to keep the flow moving and prevent dead spots. Plus, it just looks good.

  • Dave Rhode says:

    Mark–I think my setup is very close to yours….I have two MP40’s and a Tunze Wavebox. Do you use use the photo eye to turn off the wave at night or do you run it 24/7? Currently I allow the wave box to turn off with the photo eye. The MP40’s create an amazing random current!

  • Jamieson Currie says:

    ‘Eh’ is used at the end of a sentence to get hypothetical confirmation on something or to run something past your friends…”Damn, it sure is cold out here, eh!?” or my favourite, “pretty good, eh!?!”. you can’t just drop it in there randomly!!

    Great tips as usual, especially in the comments about using the wave box for waves and the power heads as extra randomness on top. The best thing about your whole MSWTTV stuff is the ongoing discussions and the follow-ups you give in the comment sections.

    Thanks from Ontario!

  • Justin S. says:

    Hey Mark, what are you doing with the sexy tank?

  • Byron says:

    Great Explanation!

  • Matt says:

    Cheers Mark… Handy as that was just how I was planning on doing things! Appreciate the clarification chap… 🙂

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