Mr. Saltwater Tank

Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #40: Let Your Light Shine

I want to see your reflection for maximum effect.

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  • Daniel Ransom says:

    Yeah a good reminder that I need to wash mine down with RO…

    Just being lazy 🙂

  • Daniel Ransom says:

    Oh yeah by the way this video was your 100 video milestone on Youtube 🙂

  • Dan…it was?! Thanks for letting me know! I guess I should throw a party!

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Old Light Bulbs and dirty glass makes for a sad Tank… Great Tip

  • Wes says:

    Great tip Mark. As you stated it is amazing how much PAR can be lost due to dirty reflectors. Do you know of a way to “repolish” reflectors vs. having to buy new ones? I imagine there really isn’t a way, but thought I would ask.

  • Epicurus says:

    Routine is indeed a good tip. Else you will forget to do the nessesary things.

  • Andrew Walters says:

    This was a great tip. I hadent been cleaning mine enough until I figured out it was a culprit for a couple bleached corals. Again great tip!!

  • Ehsan says:

    hello sir. what do you think about U.V. Sterilizer. and what model is it good if i want to get one and dose it actuly work

  • Jen May says:

    Wes, we just finished cleaning our reflectors with metal polish. I couldnt believe the difference. The tank is so much brighter now.

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