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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #20: Pass the Tang Salad Please!

While you might have survived college on ramen, your fish don’t have to.

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  • spy says:

    Hahaha….good is very cute

  • Jeff says:

    Hey Mark,
    Remember the kid you said hi to at the reef stock (Jeff)? Hey, that’s me! I just wanted to say thanks for posting all your great videos, they have a lot of great info, I really enjoy them, and I learn a lot from them. Thanks to you, I would have never known to dip my corals in coral rx, or to go plus one on my skimmer or any of the other things. Now that I know all of this stuff, my mixed reef tank is thriving. I just want you to know that you are the best, hope your tank is doing well, and will stay that way for years to come.
    Jeff Berrier

  • Jeff…Glad to hear your tank is doing well! Did you pick up anything cool @ ReefStock?

  • Jeff says:

    Mark…I got some coral rx, some frogspawn, some devil’s hand, some polyps and a frag of hammer coral. Did you get anything cool? Can’t wait till’ your video on reef stock is out, looking foward to it! 🙂
    (Never would have known to get coral rx, thanks)

  • John says:

    Is there foods as types that you found that works better in the tank that fish like? Also is there a rule from you talking to all over what is the amount of food you should keep as I see in video small containers. And how to store them.
    Pellets,frozen or flakes.

  • Nelson Rodriguez says:

    Hi Mark; hope your feeling better now, be safe have a nice day!!

  • Jason says:

    Mark, Is this the premiere of a new sidekick or did I miss something somewhere?

  • Jason says:

    p.s. I am very guilty of not following this rule. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Jason…that’s my son a while ago. He’s 2.5 now and recently made a re-appearance on my show.

  • Alla Barton says:

    It is hard to keep happy all the fish. Anthias don’t eat Nori (and they are supposed to eat 2-4 times a day) and my Trigger does’t eat Nori nor pellets. So I end up feeding a few times a day different foods. And that would be great if there would ‘t be an algea problem.
    Would be nice to have a “How to feed my fish without causeing an algea bloom guide”.

  • Aaron says:

    I also wonder what to feed the anthias? I tried pellet, mysis, brine shrimp from hikari and/or PE brand, nothing seems interest my anthias. I feed nori to my yellow, purple and powder blue tang, but the anthias show no interest. I have 3 anthias and they are alive but their color are not vibrant.
    I also dip the food in garlic or selcon. Any help suggestions ?

  • Aaron..there are a couple of things you can do to try to get the anthias to eat: First, ask the person (or store) that sold them to you, what they fed the fish. This way you will know what the fish are used to eating.

    Second, try live foods such as live brine. I’ve found nearly all fish will go after live foods.

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