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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #13: Cuts Like a Knife

Pesky Algae? It is no match for this piece of equipment.

NOTE: DO NOT use razor blades on acrylic tanks! Use only on glass tanks.

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  • Byron says:

    Thanks for the tip Mark. I thank razor blades used this way can sometimes scrape the glass though.

  • Kyle says:

    Great tip. I’ve been using them for years. Just be careful you don’t sneak into the silicone in the corners. The blades will go right through it and you might get a leak if you cut it bad enough.

  • Absolutely Kyle! I always go very slow in the corners and edges

  • Brian says:

    Best thing I ever bought was an Easy Blade attachement for my magnet cleaner. It attaches to a Mag Float 350 (for glass). Honestly, it cuts through anything. It removes coraline algae with ease. It has revolutionized cleaning my tank. Since I bought this item, I have not once put my hands inside the tank to clean glass.

    Just thought I would pass this along. Your tip is great. But I urge you to try the Easy Blade. You will never go back to razor blades.

    Thanks for all your awesome updates!

  • John says:

    +1 to what Brian said.

  • Murat says:

    +1 for EasyBlade here, great invention…

  • Thanks for the tip Brian. I’ve seen those, but never tried them out.

    I’ve now got an Easy Blade on order. I look forward to checking it out and letting you know what I think.

  • Axl Rose says:

    I use these single edge blades in the little blue Kent hand scraper. Cuts through stubborn coralline like butter and less likely to drop it in the back of the reef.

    Hmmm…easy blade…something else to buy…

  • Jason says:

    What would you use for hard algae on an acrylic tank?

  • Jason…use this

  • Brian says:


    Simply curious… did you ever receive your Easy Blade. If so, what are your impressions?


  • Brian..I got it, but haven’t tried it yet. My coraline is creeping up again on the bottom and corners of my tank so I’m going install and it give it a whirl

  • Anthony says:

    Mark, love the web site and videos. Keep up the awesome education for us newbies and reef junkies alike.

    I am a newbie…or semi-newbie. Getting back into aquariums after a ten year hiatus from having a 55 gallon freshwater tank.

    What is your take on acrylic tanks? Also, what are good options/risks for buying tanks on line?

  • Anthony…I’m not an acrylic fan as I’ve found it scratches too easy and it holds a lot of heat.

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