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Mr. Saltwater Tank Tours Julian Sprung’s Personal Reef Tank

Julian Sprung is one of the most referenced, and is arguably the most well-known saltwater tank professionals. He’s been involved in the hobby since the days when mullets were cool and now he’s over 40 and still reefing full time. In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, Julian gives me a personal, in-depth tour of his reef tank that you won’t find anywhere else.

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  • oscar bourbonnais says:

    I noticed he hardly has any live rock, did he mention how many lbs he’s got. Also, any idea how big or how many gallons the tank is, sometimes it’s hard to get a reel perspective on video.

  • JL says:

    Mark, what 400watt bulbs is he running? I’m thinking 14k Ushios.

  • Grant says:

    what were the dimensions of his tank?

  • Gavin says:

    I would like to get clarity on the need to feed my corals. I am a beginner and I am having trouble with algae in my tank. I feed my corals 2x weekly by adding liquid feed and some solid feed which I bought from my local fish shop. How do I know when I must / if I must feed my coral. Based on what is said in Mark’s guide this is all that is outstanding!

  • Gavin…unless your corals are non-photosynthetic or you have flower pot (gonipora) coral, don’t worry about feeding your coral.

  • Bruce Belvin says:

    It figures a fish guy started out wearing a mullet. LOL.

  • Ray Sands says:

    What is the name of the damsel fish that start yellow, spawn all the time, get grenish yellow at adult. Julian talks about them for several minutes but never mentions the species?

  • SJ says:

    Why do you say “so, no LED, you have metal halide on here” as if it’s bad? His tank looks amazing!

    His metal halide tank looks much more natural than the tank at the beginning of the video you are behind Mark that looks like its got tidy bowl water. What lights to you have on your tank again? Oh yeah, LEDs.

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