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Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday AM Quick Tip: Mess-Free Nori Feeding

Your herbivores and omnivores need algae as part of their diet. Nori gets the job done and it can get messy with aggressive eaters. Here’s how I keep my fish in line.

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  • Steve says:


    I love trigger fish but didn’t think you could keep them in a reef tank. You have one, and I was wondering what kind of trigger fish you have or whether you could recommend any that may be safe in a reef tank.


  • Ronald Antinarelli says:

    I have had a male blue cheek trigger over a year now. He never picks on any of my corals. Strangely, he does attack nori! I think that’s because he sees everyone else doing it.
    Anyway, he leaves my corals alone.

  • Josh P says:

    I like that idea! However, it comes a little late for me because I discovered the Innovative Marine Auqa Gadget Nori feeding clip. I’m sure you’ve seen it, it’s magnetic and has a feeding “grid” that allows fish to peck, but not pull at the algae sheets inside. Works flawless for me with 4 very large, very aggressive and very hungry tangs lol

  • Tim Gentry says:


    Got a better idea. Feed seaweed extreme pellets. Tangs love it and it has lots of seaweed in it. No mess.

  • John Van Haaren says:

    This is how I feed to both of my tanks.

    They love it and it takes them awhile to eat it but they get it all.

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