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Mr. Saltwater Tank Covers Reef Builder’s Reef Stock 2013

In 2013 the saltwater tank trade show called  “ReefStock” expanded into a 2 day event.  The expansion meant more vendors, more corals and more unique stories for me to uncover. I called in my camera crew and here’s what I found.

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  • scott021467 says:

    Great job and a lot of items I am looking forward to. Thanks

  • Barbara says:

    good stuff! Thanks

  • ed says:

    I have and Emperor angelfish that have faced a tail rot how can I heal him before he gets to adulthood

  • Buddy says:

    Mark.. Great info .. If I had know about that show I would have gone Denver’s not so far away. Seems like you know about all the Saltwater conventions.. Is there a website that lists the various saltwater conventions/shows around the country? Or maybe you have something available ..

  • John says:

    Thanks for all the great info !

  • monty says:

    Great job Mark, If only I lived in the states Id travel all over for these shows.
    Please do a full tank tour vid, I’m and others are interested in seeing all the goodies you have, in stock and equipment.

  • Alex says:

    Mark, you have got to give us an update on your tank. I noticed you added a canopy. Looks awesome. Your the man, keep it up, and show us an update. PLEASE

  • jaime says:

    Can’t see the video…

  • jaime…as outlined right above this video, try this link

  • Garrison Herbst says:

    Hmm not too happy with the skimmer design. Since you have to take the whole body off to clean, precise tuning with water height would be a pain in the butt since readjusting must be done every time

  • Garrison Herbst says:

    oops, didnt realize the skimmer cup comes off, i thought it was one solid piece.

  • Jimbo says:

    Mark, Nice Video and Information on Reef Stock 2013 all three interviews were really interesting and i will try that new mysis by Piscine seems to make alot sense. (peace) Jim

  • Hai says:

    Those Cad Skimmer look cheap.. I guess you get what you pay for in this hobby.

  • Jimbo says:

    Comment made by Hai– The Cad skimmers are made for tight applications and i haven,t tested one but if it works thats the main idea! I enjoyed all four interviews is what i meant to say above..

  • Ann Marie says:

    My question is off subject and I would really appreciate help. I have a healthy colony of copepods in my refugium but I do not see any in the main tank. How do I create that in the main tank? I want to make sure my dragonet is getting the food it needs.

    Thank you Mark for your advise and videos.


  • Garrison Herbst says:

    @anne marie
    shake the chaeto above your tank once a week or so and that should do it. if you want, put a piece of lr into the tank from the fuge

  • todd says:

    mark great job as always. i tried to watch in HD and it wants me buy the 9.95 PLUS version to watch YOU IN HD… just thought you should know…..

  • todd…that’s strange. I have the video set to HD by default so it shouldn’t ask you to pay money unless Vimeo has changed their business model.

  • Jack says:

    Had know idea about the invasive Mysis shrimp thing but I’m glad I do now. I also had no idea Piscine went through all that trouble just to get us hobbyists some fish food that makes there prices seem more resonable they need to put some of this info on the box.

  • paula jordan says:

    I’m having trouble with my protein skimmer. It is putting out a lot of bubble and I don’t now what to to to stop or even slow them down I Need help

  • pappy1299 says:

    I have the Cad lights bio-pellet reactor it is made cheap, and it under powered. I will never buy anything for them again.

  • Samuel says:

    thanks mark that was cool

  • Jim says:

    God I wish we had stuff like that in Perth western Australia, did you know we only have 3 professional Marine shops in western Australia.
    that’s a lot of Kilometres we have to trave just to get anything, I would love to open a shop and sell good quality gear at fair prices, and for marine shows most people would say what’s that. the pipe less skimmer gee that will take about 100 years before it comes to Australia and cost a man his left ^$# and the heater never happen here that’s to smart, as usual Mark great vid and great knowledge.

  • Ann Marie says:

    Thank you Garrison!!

  • Matt says:

    Thanks for the show Mark. 🙂 I really enjoyed getting to see some of the more innovative products on display that we just don’t get to see over the pond …

    All the best and keep looking around for new and interesting reef junkie goodies 😀

  • Bill Warren says:

    clicked on video link listed and still can’t see video. Just opens more of same site.

  • Rob C says:

    Great show , I am tempted to go to one of these now. keep up the good work Mark.

  • Tom Hanson says:

    Awesome show again Mark! I’m going to look further into a Cobalt heater for my 75gal. mixed reef!

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