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It’s Clear and Sticky, But Does it Work?

You would think something like super glue can’t be improved upon. Super glue is super glue is super glue right?

Not according to EcoTech Marine. They claim their glue works better than other super glue and to find out the truth, I put it to the Mr. Saltwater Tank TV test.

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  • Josh says:

    Hey Mark,
    Love your shows and the tank personality test. Found out I was a a reef junkie lol. I was hoping that maybe you could do a show about clams. I just started with one in my tank and have been doing what my LFS said would keep it alive and some from other friends I have, but all the opinions seem to vary. So I was wondering if you had a could have a expert opinion on this one. Thanks, Josh.

  • Andrew says:

    that looks like a great product. some of my rocks wobble around and this glue would fix that. but my question is how easy is it to remove if i want to change my aquascape?

  • Jordan says:

    I spent a good time looking at different glues and I must say it’s nice to receive an e-mail with the product that I NEED. I will be sure to purchase this and get it in my tank soon!

  • Jordan…glad to hear you are considering the EcoTech glue. The stuff works great. Let me know when you are ready to buy it as I can get you a quote on a bottle.

  • Andrew…you could rip it apart if you tried and you got the right leverage on it.

  • Pat says:

    Did you stick the entire bottle in your tank for application when you repaired your rockwork?

  • Kris Hollen says:

    Hey Mark,
    JUst a quick question. Would this glue hold up to water pressure? I had a seam blow out on an older tank and needed to re-adhere the two panels together. Just curious as to how this would stand up against GE RTV 108 brand food grade silicone? Thanks!

  • Troy says:

    When you use it under water, does it suck water back up into the bottle?? one would imagine it would logically. What did you experience when you used it under water for your arch piece?

  • Dwain says:

    Nice. I think I will try it out!

  • John says:

    I want to get in on the price quote too.

  • Jordan says:

    Hey Mark, If you could send that over that would be great! I would like to get it in my tank as soon as possible.

  • Brian says:

    Great product review – I assume this would work to attach ceramic pots and such together as well, correct?

  • Brian…I think that glue would make anything stick together. Maybe people could start repairing marriages with it!

  • Daniel says:

    Hey Mark and love the Vids as always but just got a nice tip for this glue.

    Not sure if it has been mentioned or not but keep it well refrigerated for best results 🙂

  • Daniel…thanks for the mention of the refridgeration! I didn’t mention that in the video. EcoTech has a full demonstration video on their website as well. You can view it here. (Click on the “Directions” tab at the bottom of the linked page)

  • Jeff Peterson says:

    Hey there, great vids.
    I have two questions:
    Would you please get me a quote on the EcoTech glue.
    Please explain going “plus 1” on your protein skimmer.

  • Aaron says:

    Hey bud… My local store “city pets” is selling the Eco glue now and was wondering what your charging for a bottle?

  • Daniel says:

    Sadly im here in the UK and paid £34.99 which was expensive but well worth it. I have gote some lovely scapes now using acrylic rods.

    I would buy it even if it was at £50.0 but shhh dont tell the suppliers 🙂

  • Aaron…I sent you an email about the glue.

  • chris ross says:

    Hello mark can you send me a quote on the Eco Tech glue??

  • pgf says:

    Have been following postings regarding glue for aquascaping. Now that it has been several months, how does everyone feel about this glue? Is it holding up well? I have Pukani rock, would that make a difference, Pukani very brittle.

  • Dave says:

    Wow, this glue seems so much easier than epoxy putty I’ve used in the past for gluing rocks together. Nice tip. I now know you are a cycling junkie too after seeing an Assos airblock jacket hanging in the backgroud. Finally, how do I become a member on your site?

  • Sav0646 says:


    How much is a bottle? Ohh I was the one that recently sent you the email about the APEX. I’m trying to decide on which one to buy and when I do I will let you know…but more than likely the full APEX and of course I’ll be buying your videos. Could you send me the prices of the various APEX models as well as the glue. Maybe we could just do one order?

  • Frank…I”m sending you an email about the Apex and the coral glue.

  • Mohamed Alnuaimi says:

    Hi, this glue just wasted my money ,time and didn’t work with me at all a specially when you try to glue under water. it was not holding my rock and the bottle hole get blocked every minutes after use.
    It may work only with very dry rocks outside the water. Don’t buy it if you thing you will try to glue rock under water.

  • Pam Nachel says:

    I tried it after using it 3 times. the rest of the bottle is rock solid. Work good until it got solid just like super glue. Was really hoping for a product that wouldn’t clog like this. Oh well Guess will stick with super glue alot cheaper.

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