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[From The Archive] Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #88: I’m Sorry, But That’s Just Not My Color

Picky eater? Try a different color! Fish like humans have preferences and here’s how to find out what your fish like. Note: This tip also works for fish that aren’t algae eaters by nature.

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  • Mark says:

    Good tip. I usually buy green, but have found they only like a certain brand of green Nori.

  • Bert Rutanheiser says:

    Do brown and red come unroasted? Does roasting matter?

    I’ve tried unroasted green and my tangs won’t have anything to do with it even tho they will eat green broccoli.

  • Ben VanderNoort says:

    Good tip!
    What kind of Trigger is that in your tank?

  • Darren says:

    And a fish’s pallette can change over time. My blonde naso never touched red Nori, only green. But my rabbit fish loved the red, and ever since I sold my rabbit fish a few months ago my naso will eat red like its the last Nori on earth.

  • Jason says:

    Ben – It’s a Male Blue Throat Trigger.

  • bscardina says:

    I have never tried the brown nori. My tangs will not touch the red and they nibble on the green. However purple must be their favorite color. Every fish in my tank eats the purple nori including my royal gramma and my ruby head fairy wrasse which are the pickiest fish in the tank. I use is the Two Little Fishies Julian Sprung`s purple seaweed sheets and they gobble the stuff up.

  • Barbara says:

    I am going to take this opportunity to ask this kind of off topic question but it is algae related… I have looked all over the web. I have a maroon colored possibly algae on one of my rocks. It is not long and stringy but short and compact. It does flow in the current so it is not hard like the coralline growing in the tank. It is pretty but I didn’t want it to take over either. I have been told red slime but looking at pictures of that it doesn’t seem to fit that. Ant ideas?

  • JaspR says:

    If you supplement omnivores with food they will not serve the purpose you bought them for? Omnivores are browsers by nature. One trick is to make your own gelatin based good and add the scrapings from your own glass and returns to the ingredients along with kelp and collard greens plus vitamins, orange juice, garlic and gelatin

  • Andrew says:

    Mark are you replaying some tips? This tip isn’t new.

  • Hai says:

    Got to agree with Andrew

  • Matt says:

    Hey mark great advice. Just an idea for a future video (not necessarily a quick tip) but how about showing a video on how to PROPERLY setup and maintain a quarantine tank. There’s a lot of conflicting info out there about what you need and don’t need and whether to medicate to prevent or medicate only when symptoms are present. I think it would be cry helpful to me and other aquarists who watch your channel.


  • David says:

    Bert Rutanheiser,

    I don’t think roasting matters, just make sure the nori hasn’t been roasted with additions, like sesame oil etc.

  • Joel says:

    Here is something that all of your followers may like. I always had a problem with keeping the Nori in a place that my fish would find it and eat it before all of my snails eating it all up. I tried clips which attach to the side of the tank. Bang, the snails would get there first. Tried using a rock and a rubber band. Again snails won the race. Then I thought how could I suspend it in the middle of my tank so the snails wouldn’t get to it. I looked at my tanks and one had a support in the middle of the tank. So I cut a piece of 1″ PCV about 3 inches long. Drilled a small hole at one end and attached a fishing line to it and tied it to the middle support. I then rapped the Nori around it and held it in place with a rubber band. The PCV pipe keeps it under water and the fish love it. And for the other tank that didn’t have a middle support. I just glued a piece of fish string across the tank in the middle just like a middle support and attached the suspended PCV pipe from it. Now all of the fish in both tanks go after the Nori. I even have Damsels and Clown fish pecking at it.

  • Joel…your snails got to the nori before the fish did? My wife go bananas then I get the clip close to the water. It is gone in a matter of 2 minutes

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