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[Friday AM Quick Tip] Why Your Fish Quarantine Tank Doesn’t Have To Be Up 24/7

I’m quarantine every fish before it comes into my system. And here’s how I keep from having to keep a quarantine tank up and running in between quarantining groups of fish

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  • Matt says:

    Mark I just used this technique based on your “Guide to Marine Fish Diseases, Treatments and Quarantine” for my new Goldflake Angel. I just set up my QT 3 days ago using a piece of seed rock from my display. Works like a charm…

  • James says:

    a good idea with a few caveats- low light as studied have shown that bacteria do better in low light. secondly, many hobbyists take ideas from multiple sources and figure that if one idea is good then why not do them all. If you have low salinity * 1018 in your Qtank or add copper, do realize that these things will shock and retard your introduced colony of bacteria. Indeed you can condition a bacterial colony to copper so that it works efficiently if you do it over generations of bacteria. For this reason, a weeks preparation of your bacteria colony to a medicated tank is wise. In the end, a dedicated bacteria colony is ideal and it can be maintained with random feedings of ammonia from a non biological source.

  • steve dodd says:

    Hi Mark, love the idea but this is how I start my ordinary tanks coral sand, but do a 50% water change and some rock, from the the donor tank, then top up with new water in both tank plus some filter medium from the sump and your good to go after a couple of days
    if you did a Q/T tank like this because of infection, would you dispose of the sponge when the fish is better so nothing was transferred back to the main system, or boil it to sterilize it

  • Steve…sterilize it with a dilute bleach solution

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