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450g Build Update Show

My 450 gallon tank is starting to show it’s color and here’s a visual update for you. Don’t miss the growth shots!

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  • Danny Martinez says:

    Beautiful tank you have there, I’ve enjoyed all your videos going back to when you had the 90g. What happened to the goldflake angel ? I haven’t seen it in any of the recent updates. Keep up the great work.

  • Mark H. says:

    Wow Mark, thanks for the update.

  • Matt says:

    Great update! What t5 bulbs are you running??

  • steve dodd says:

    hi Mark , I have always enjoyed your stuff over the years here in the U.K, going back to the weekly tips.I still think you make the best and most informative programmes and i understand why you probly dont do that so much now as you are traveling and tank building, but the one thing that does annoy me a little is when you say follow me on facebook. I have not got , nor do i want facebook, and there are thousands of people like me, if you could find a way to keep us anti social media types up to date , it would be nice

  • Frank says:

    how far up off the water do you have the G4’s sitting?

  • Frank…about 10 inches

  • Thanks for the kind words Steve. Following me on social media is always a choice and social media was invented as a way to easily and quickly let followers know what is going on in your life. If you don’t like Facebook, Instagram is another way to follow what i’m up to without waiting for shows and emails from me. If you’re 100% ant-social than the shows are what’s left.

  • Goldflake decided to start eating meat corals. So gold flake went to one of my client’s FOWLR tanks

  • Ken Hanke says:

    Hi Mark, beautiful tank. Just curious if you feed your corals. If so, what do you feed and how often?

  • Ken…I don’t fed corals.

  • Jeff says:

    Bart! He’s still around thats Awesome!

  • Damon Ferguson says:

    Great update but not feeling ‘inadequate’. your sump is larger than my tank. (150 gallons) lol

  • David says:

    Tank looks wonderful, thanks. For sharing, now let’s get back to Fiji. Great to see the family and the dogs.

  • jeff stafford says:

    Hey Mark, are your G4’s the pro version? I’ve got a similar sized tank and thinking about new lights, but wasn’t sure if the pro version was necessary or if the base G4’s are fine. Thanks!

  • Dave Bush says:

    Great to see update looks like it’s coming along great. Beautiful can I ask you how much you feed your fish and how often.

    Thanks Dave

  • Dave…twice a day. Nori in the am, LRS Reef Frenzy in the afternoon.

  • Jeff…I want a Ferrari with all the options so I went with the pro model

  • David…September! I’ll be in touch in the next couple of days with details.

  • Jeff…mostly blind and deaf and still dumb as a rock.

  • Hey Mark ,

    What’s the thickness of the glass on your 450?

    I’m looking at getting MP40 or MP60 mine 3/4 thick but people are telling me the MP40 won’t hold

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