Mr. Saltwater Tank

393 Gallon V.I.P. Build Sneak Peek

My latest build project is coming together and here’s a quick peek at the project.

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  • Mark H. says:

    Love it, thanks Mark.

  • Sppf121 says:

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Today I I am learning the hobby with 65 gallons, but who knows what tomorrow holds Lol.

  • Dustin Getta says:

    Very nice build Mark, I absolutely love that sink (and that refugium is killer too)!!

  • Tino Huynh says:

    I went through so much with designing and installing 125, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 gallon tanks that it took its toll on me. I could not get any of the tanks to survive and lost an unbelievable amount of money and time. I would drive hours on hours just to look at people’s tanks, buy tanks and anything I could get my hands on. I had 4 big tanks going at once. I was so addicted it took over me. Until one day I just couldn’t take it anymore. After seeing your videos it feels like my love for the addiction is starting to bring back the itch. Lol. I would be willing to let you do whatever you want to my house! There should be some great possibilities with 4,300 sf.

  • Mark W says:

    Great looking build! Thanks for sharing.

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