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Learn How To Get Your Saltwater Tank On Cruise Control

Discover The Secrets Of A Cruise Control Tank
Where Your Fish And Coral Are Thriving
With Minimal Effort On Your Part!

I’ll personally show you how I fully automated my tank
so that corals, (even SPS), grow like weeds.


You probably think I’m crazy because you’ve heard time and time again the #1 myth of saltwater tanks:

saltwater tank

Saltwater tanks take a lot of effort to maintain.

saltwater tank

When you achieve tank cruise control status,
the effort required on your part is minimal at best.


In fact, the less you mess with your tank, the more it cares for itself.

Let me share this one free tip with you, right here and now: One of the keys to fast growing colorful corals DOESN’T lie in a pretty looking bottle with a catchy name. I’ll be really blunt:

  • 97% of those supplements don’t do squat for your tank.
  • 3% of them DO matter and I’ll show you exactly the ones that do based on your tank.

If you aren’t using the right supplements for your tank, you are wasting your money and probably trashing your tank at the same time.

Most people never reach the tank cruise control level because they are constantly fiddling with their tanks, making the wrong changes that do nothing for them only to end up frustrated with a lot of useless gear and supplements laying around.

Take my friend Stephen for example. Everytime I go to Stephen’s house, he’s got a new gaget, gizmo or supplement for his tank. And everytime I’m there, he swears, “This one is THE ONE!! It’s the answer!!”

I go back 2 weeks later and he’s already given up on his purchase. And just like everytime, he says,

“My tank looks just as barren as the day I got it”

Why spend months and months of working on your tank, just to have it look more barren then before you started!

Does this sound like your tank:

saltwater tank

hair algae issues,

saltwater tank

cyano bacteria issues,

saltwater tank

corals dying for no reason,

saltwater tank

corals that just sit there and never seem to grow,

I know how you feel. I’ve been there and made all the mistakes you are probably making. Of course, I thought I could do enough research and have all the answers, but I was wrong.

I never found any answers anywhere. Only more opinions which made me more confused. Distraught and fed up, I started trying everyone’s suggestion to see what results I got. After spending hundreds of dollars and seeing no results in my tank, I nearly quit the hobby.

My tank looked ok, but not great and all I did was wonder what I was doing wrong any why my tank didn’t look like everyone else’s. No one was there to teach me but you don’t have to follow my path.

See for Yourself How My Tank Went from OK to Incredible

saltwater tank

saltwater tank

Achieve Your Dream Tank with
The Ultimate Guide of Saltwater Tank Cruise Control

saltwater tankI’ll teach you the broad concepts you need to create a healthy tank PLUS take you down to the step-by-step level so you can’t screw up.

In The Ultimate Guide of Saltwater Tank Cruise Control, you’ll find:

  • The three foundational elements to building a fully automated tank. Once you know them, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Otherwise, you’re spin your wheels and get nowhere.
  • Exactly what supplements to dose and how to dose them. You’ll then throw away all those supplements that aren’t doing anything for your tank and never buy them again.
  • Clear steps for how to keep your tank looking great so the amount of time spent dealing with tank related headaches will drop significantly.
  • Videos showing you in detail each concept and what to do keep your tank on the cruise control route so you don’t fall off the train


Get the guide for only $37


Note: Guide is delivered via instant .pdf download. If you want a printed copy, click here.

Tank Cruise Control

If you’ve seen my show, Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, you know that I make things really easy to understand. You will be well equipped with the written guide AND the videos to reinforce what I’ll teach you. Stop the searching and the confusion, because this info cannot be found in any forum or search engine.

I’ve made it so simple, well, even a caveman could do it.

Everyone wishes they knew what they know now before they got started. This is your chance.

No matter if you already have a saltwater tank, or you are just getting started, the “Ultimate Guide to Tank Cruise Control” will take your tank to the level where it care for itself so you can spend more time staring at your tank, fragging more corals and less time dealing with tank headaches.

If you can read, you can do it.
If you can watch a video, you can do it.

Expert guidance is here, so you can make the right important
decisions and avoid massive pitfalls, before you hit them.


Get the Cruise Control Guide for only $37


Note: Guide is delivered via instant .pdf download. If you want a printed copy, click here.

Tank Cruise Control

Note: Guide is delivered via instant PDF download. I understand that I get INSTANT ACCESS
immediately after purchase. Printed copy information is below.

Printed Copy Information

If you like physical copies of books, the Ultimate Guide to Saltwater Tank Cruise Control available in paperback form. The book is spiral bound and we’ll ship it to you for no charge – even if you are an international customer!

With your printed guide purchase, you’ll get:

  • paperback version of the guide shipped to your door (even if you are an international customer)
  • the electronic version of the guide (pdf download)
  • access to all the members-only videos
Even though our accountant thinks we are nuts, we’ll are selling all this for:

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